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Rad Berky Leaving WPLG


Longtime WPLG investigative reporter Rad Berky will be leaving the station.

Miami New Times named him best local TVnews reporter in 2006 saying

Berky is the anti-Twinkie. Always professional, never treacly, he brings depth, doggedly thorough reporting, and elegance to a business full of flash, false sincerity, superfluous bites, irrelevant “news,” and ratings stunts. He, Glenna Milberg, and Michael Putney form ABC affiliate WPLG’s most solid, probing, and balanced triumvirate, excelling at the meaty pieces. Berky has an irresistible combination of scrupulousness and panache that allows him to dig deeply while telling the best story around. Berky doesn’t do the easy thing. He doesn’t do the salacious thing. He relishes complexity, whether reporting about migrants or Luis Posada Carriles or the Dubai port controversy. He doesn’t “sell” tragedy or insert himself into the story. Berky tells you what’s happening, how it happened, what might happen, and how it affects you; and he does it with an integrity, a nuance, and a depth from which many in his field could learn.

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  1. Rad leaving is a loss to all Miami viewers. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him in the past and not only is he an excellent reporter, but he is a gentleman as well.
    You will be missed Rad…good luck in all you do in the future!!

  2. Miami/Fort Lauderdale just lost its classiest reporter. Local 10 news will not be as thoughtful and thorough without him.

  3. Rad,s a true professional and he will be missed I’m sure. I wish him the best in all future endeavors.

  4. best in town.. PLG still has milberg, weinser, loshe, butler, putney, forney… they are all solid. but i do agree berky is a loss.
    i didn’t know magnum still worked there.

  5. If anyone actually thinks that Loshe guy is good, shoot yourself now. He is terrible on air and he is a liar. Just ask photogs who have worked with him. Small market reporter in a big market


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