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Shannon Hori Gives Birth to Twin Boys


fl_shannon_hori_smileCBS4’s Shannon Hori gave birth yesterday to twin boys.

The boys named Colton and Caden came out at 6 pounds 4 ounces and 8 pounds 6 ounces! Both well fed and healthy from the get go, nice! And, they’re Capricorns, rock on!

Hori will be back at CBS4 early March 2009

Congrats to Shannon and her husband.

CBS4.com Video: Last night’s newscast


  1. If only they would keep Erica Von Tiehl. She is so much better then Shannon. Her and Antonio have so much of a better chemistry and Shannon has the fakest personality ever. She is just horrible. She makes a mistake at least 2 times a newscast. She should stay on Maturnity leave forever. Erika is sooooooooooo much better.

  2. Congratulations, Shannon. God has blessed you with two wonderful gifts. Best of Luck to you and your husband. Get some sleep and enjoy your maternity leave.

  3. I swear some of the people who post on this blog are completely ignorant. This is a post congratulating Shannon Hori on the birth of her healthy twins and your comment is you wonder if they’ll come out “Chinese looking and yellow?”. Your mother must be so proud of you. And by the way, if you knew anything about other cultures in this world you’d know the difference between half-Japanese and half-Chinese.

    Congratulations on the new additions to your family Shannon!

  4. Hello Shannon nice to meet you,,,your mom and I knew each other since we were 13 ..i never forgot her and loved her spirit and deep soul.so special ….we never judged each other and stood by each other..thru asll our different views and never let differences intrude in our friendship..yes we were not like the other’s on cypress ave.but knew we were special and being different made us stand out……your mom was my best friend and taugth me lot’s…..and i think i did the same for her…..she went on to be somebody. me stayed behind and lost my way……my backround overpowered me and i stopped my life out of anger …….am sorry i did this, cause my not ever wanting others to know my pains and scars ….made me lie ans hide ,so they never knew all my scars and abuse,,,,,,,,,,,,,,am so proud of your mom…she was stronger than i ever was and got away.me still in the bronx….and wasted life.all for someone to finally see me and see my inner soul…..but .now 67 ………so angry at me for my EGo and false Pride..they were so jealous of me and knew my strength and Soul……but, i allowed them to keep hurting me , judging and blaming….it overpowered me and i lost me… getting back in touch with your mom……and some others from cypress ave…made me GROW up FINALLY>>>>your Mom My Loving Good Friend is the best part of my childhood…she never knew this ..I knew her goodness and talents…loved her forever Congrats on the birth of your beautiful son’s God Bless


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