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Tim Russert Dies


NBC Meet the Press Moderator died of a heart attack this afternoon. He was just 58 years old.

Update 6.15.08: Campbell Brown now at CNN remembers Tim Russert. Between MSNBC’s Friday coverage and this clip I now understand why NBC is doing such an expansive coverage of Russert’s death.

As far as the amount of coverage from NBC going overboard – maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. Maybe it’s just their way of dealing with it. Let them. There’s the remote and the 300 channels and the internets.


  1. Tim Russert was one of the best journalists in the country. His untimely death should remind all of us not to sweat the small stuff. Life is short and precious.

  2. Tim Russert was and will always be the best! Tommorrow will come, but it’s not promised to anyone. Take the time to tell all your loved ones how much you love them. Meet the Press will never be the same… Rest in Peace Mr. Russert and may God watch over your family during this hour of sorrow…

    Love – Toine

  3. My mouth literally dropped when I turned on to CNN and read the headline. It incomprehensible to me. One of the best news man of our time if not of all time, you can sense his dedication and love for what he did at NBC.
    May his he rest in peace and my thoughts go out to his family, friends and collegues.

  4. My God, it’s as though the President got shot. Mother Theresa didn’t get this much news coverage when she died! The guy was a good, respected journalist, but anybody who ever spoke a word to him is on tv and the Internet telling about their moment with the guy. Enough.

  5. I was just as stunned as everyone else when I heard Tim died. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. We have indeed suffered a loss that cannot be replaced. Tim was a Sunday icon, going one-on-one with the heavy hitters of Washington. He may be gone, but he never will be forgotten. RIP, Tim!

  6. Indeed a shock…I never watched “Meet the Press,” but I know how sad of a day it is for everyone at NBC News and possibly all of NBC Universal, and I feel obligated to commiserate with them.

  7. I was stunned when I heard, then too shocked to switch the channel. I happened to have MSNBC on when Tom Brokaw gave the news, and at first I thought it was old newsreel footage. One thing–everyone did an admirable job in the hours that followed, but I thought Keith Olbermann stood out. In a sense he reminds me of Neil Rogers–he has his usual shtick, but when it’s time to be serious, he is as fine a broadcaster as there has ever been. As for Tim Russert, I’ve lost part of my family. I forgave him a long time ago for being a Bills fan-other than that “character flaw,” he was the best. Too soon, too soon.

  8. “Mother Theresa didn’t get this much news coverage when she died!”
    that’s cos she got trumped by Princess Diana.

  9. I too grew up in Buffalo, and graduated from the same high school Tim did and was lucky enough to have met him at a couple of fundraisers for the school. He was a GREAT guy, a typical “Buffalo guy”, and one of the best journalists of the last 50 years. And to “enough”: While I am predjudiced and have enjoyed watching all the coverage, I think the reason there has been so much of it (from ALL networks), was that Russert was genuinely liked and respected in the industry. Do you think Keith Olbermann or Bill O’Reilly would get this kind of coverage?? I think not.

  10. Hey Enough. You are an idiot. This is a blog about television journalists, not a blog about Mother Theresa. Maybe someday you will earn to repect some of the great journalists out there. If you don’t learn, drop by the Channel 10 studios some day and ask for the new anchor on WPLG. I will give you a hit to the face.

  11. WPLG Rules,
    No, I am certain your limp wrist would collapse upon impact causing no damage and then you would wind up hospitalized.

  12. I’ve been watching Tim on meet the press since I was 5 years old, and have watched him a lot in the last year, almost every Tuesday night and almost every morning on Today. As a person that was watched by 4 million people a week and even more if you count the other NBC & MSNBC shows he is on, he deserves the coverage he is getting. I, at the same time, cant wait and am dreading watching Meet the Press tommorow. Enough you are indeed an idiot, and WPLG Rules is in idiot for suggesting that you (as the anchor you claim you are) will hit him in the face if he comes by the studio. What would Tim Russert say about that?


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