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WOW! This is unexpected, at least, this soon. I had tipsters at WTVJ let me know that it was going to happen soon, but not this soon. NBC6 announced today that 40 year anchor Tony Segreto is retiring form WTVJ at the end of the year.

“Segreto joined WTVJ as an intern in 1968 and grew professionally while carrying out a variety of jobs, first as a photographer, moving on to producer, reporter and sports anchor before being tapped as the main news anchor. Segreto has covered every major national and international sports event, including two Olympics and over seventeen Super Bowls. He has interviewed two United States Presidents, traveled to Cuba for a papal visit, and was a source of critical information while reporting about major weather events, including hurricane Andrew.”

The following is the statement written by Tony Segreto to be shared with colleagues and with his South Florida audience:


“It is with much consideration and a grateful heart that I announce my leaving WTVJ. For four decades it has been a privilege to be a part of such a distinguished and honored organization. WTVJ has given me the opportunity to meet some extraordinary people and cover benchmark stories all over the world, but above all, it has allowed me to serve the South Florida community that I so dearly love.”


“My most memorable and rewarding moments have been with the viewers and sharing their stories. I look forward to the future and am very thankful for the past. I have been given the opportunity to move on and explore new ventures and I fully intend to continue to support this community well into the future.”


“For forty years WTVJ has been my home away from home and in turn it has treated me like family. As this chapter comes to a close and a new one begins I could not be happier or more at peace, and I wish the same for all my colleagues and friends at WTVJ.”

Am I shocked that he’s leaving before the sale? No. It’s really a smart move on his part. He’s getting out of the black whole known as WTVJ while he still can. At the end of the year, South Florida will loose a very, very great anchor. He has served South Florida well, and will be missed. Best of luck, Tony.

This now leaves that anchor seat open that we’ve been talking about for a few months. My thoughts are Joel Connable will be up for the seat. Joel is a really great talent, but I think it’s too little, too late on WTVJ’s part. We will find out more details in a few days, I’m shooting the e-mails out to find out more. I’ll let you know.


  1. Some1 please answer these questions: Does this mean that WTVJ and WPLG are merging? Did the FCC approved the merge?

  2. correct
    DOJ gave it a pass recently
    that makes the FCC the last regulatory body that can stop the merger
    though Post-Newsweek expects to get the green light

  3. I think the deal will fall through. Four Congressional representatives are fighting it. The FCC chairman has said he will set it aside until Spring. He is being replaced, so it probably won’t go through. Who is replacing Tony on the anchor desk???

  4. Well I hope not I read in a article that the FCC chairman is being replaced and it talks about how President-elect Obama wants more childrens programming in local markets. As the blogger on Save WTVJ: There is Hope for WTVJ. What do you all think? My Professor and I was disgusted about the deal about NBC selling WTVJ, and my professor use to work for WTVJ.

  5. I think its shameful that in the same post honoring Tony, you write that Joel should replace it even though it may be ‘too little, too late.’ Let the man have his last moments before you wonder who will replace him. At least have the decency to make it a second post. We know that for months comments on here have been nasty, talking about replacing Tony. Lets let the guy have his moment.

  6. NBC 6 Fan, not sure why you keep talking about a merger. As far as I know, it is an acquisition. Post Newsweek purchased or is trying to purchase WTVJ. What they do with them after/if it goes through is still pretty much up in the air except within their inner circles. Do they merge wtvj and wplg? Do they just consolidate staffs? Do they kill WTVJ’s local programming altogether? Who knows, but calling it a merger is premature. With regards to your other post, yes there will be a shakeup in the FCC after Obama takes over, and yes, Obama is against all of this deregulation, whereas the Bush administration was totally hands off and wanted no government interference at all. The question is, will these changes happen before the sale gets hurried through to completion? Keep your fingers crossed.

    As for Tony, he will be sorely missed. He is the gold standard for professionalism in this business and I have no doubt he will be very successful wherever he goes. Hopefully he will take time to enjoy the fruits of a great career for awhile.

  7. I was very sad to hear about Tony Segreto retiring. I grew up watching him on WTVJ… news just won’t be the same in South Florida without him.

    Best of luck with whatever you do next, Tony. You will definitely be missed!

  8. Good luck Tony! We’ll miss him, but it doesn’t matter who replaces him. WTVJ will be no more in a few months anyway.

  9. Just a reminder, it was Tony, Kelly Craig and Bryan Norcross who stayed on the air from a storage room at the old WTVJ while Hurricane Andrew pounded South Florida in 1992. Any misgivings about Tony doing news should have been erased that night. Sure, he’s a bit too positive at times, but that’s OK. There aren’t enough good guys left, and Tony was one of them. He’ll still be around; I think he’d be great doing radio or something where he could just talk with people. Radio is a mess in South Florida and we need something different–badly. Good luck Tony!

  10. Tony, good luck and God bless. You are one of the greats. A big loss for WTVJ for sure.

    I can see Tony doing sports talk on the radio…maybe with Joe Rose?

  11. I will miss Tony a lot. He is a true class act and no one can ever replace him. I don’t want him to retire, but if that’s his decision, then I will respect it. Happy Retirement, Tony!

  12. Heard a rumour that Post-Newsweek may be having trouble getting financing for the aquisition since the economy is in the crapper. Tony may be leaving too early.

  13. Bob Mayer hits 40 years at WTVJ in 2009 (he joined the station in June 1969). Maybe that will be when he retires. A nice, round number like Segreto decided on.

  14. Bernie, no doubt the situation with Post-Newsweek may have played a role in Segreto’s decision to retire. However, I think after 40 years, he truly may be ready to do other things as his goodbye note says.

  15. Bernie, so Post Newsweek is have money problems? Why cant NBC just take the station back and bring in new management?

  16. With all due respect to Mr. Segreto, understand that a “retirement” from his position is not a move he decided on.
    You don’t make the kind of cake for working five hours a day and just decide to quit while you’re still in your fifties. He was being phased out at ‘tvj anyway, and the proposed buyout sealed the deal on his departure.
    That said, he was a true asset to the station and had a great run. Good luck Tony.


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