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WTVJ’s Tom Llamas Leaves for WNBC












WNBC announced today that Tom Llamas will be joining the station as a general assignment reporter beginning in January. SFLTV reported a few weeks back that him, and DeMarco Morgan (who was also just hired) were up in NY interviewing at WNBC. Again, we wish him all the best. He never really made a big impression on me, anyways. Good luck, Tom.

(Sorry about the giant Tom photo.. Computer is being weird today.)

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  1. Good luck Tom, providing content for the “content center”. Hopefully they don’t have any deadlines in New York.

    • Hot? Seriously?! He looks like every other Cuban kid from Miami — if that’s your definition of hot drive to La Carreta on 8th Street one afternoon you’ll be in heaven. You can bag yourself dozens of Tom Llamases in less than an hour without even trying.

  2. good for tom…great guy and hard-working reporter. what’s gonna happen to his wife? she’s producer at wsvn…

  3. He pissed off every photog. Apprantly he was very cocky and always told people he was headed straight for th network.

  4. Good luck Tom. You obviously did something right. NYC, as we all should know, is the #1 news market in the country. It’s amazing how people can’t simply congratulate someone’s achievement without saying something negative.

    • What Tom, or more accurately, Tom’s agent did “right”, was agree to work for peanuts. Luckily Tom comes from money, and his work is more for his ego than for sustenance, so it’s all good.

  5. Congrats to TOm. Unfortunately, WNBC is last int he ratings, they don’t pay reporters or anchors well and NBC is eventually going to make the reporters shoot and edit their own stuff. Ugh!

  6. wow….that’s where the business is going…….a guy who’s delivery is awful. WNBC writes that Tom has traveled the world????? Where is that, Hialeah…Please, they made it sound like he has done everything in the business. All he did was back-stab every photog at TVJ and kiss every ass that could help him.(management)
    Every photog is so happy he is gone, just like Michelle Kowsinski. Both who back stab to get to the top. Good luck working with the union guys, when you want 1 more sound bite, even though we shot 10 bites already. Nightside will much better……..

  7. Miguel, you’re sure right about pay. Reports say that DeMarco is only getting 115 grand, while Tom is only getting 100 grand. No a lot when you think LA pays reporters well over 150 grand a year, and in NY 100 grand doesn’t go very far.

  8. yeah…..i’m a hater…you sure sound like Tom. Let me tell you, if hating being a reporter who is going to work at a 24 cable station(WNBC’s future) and someone who is going to be paid the equivalent to 30 thousand dollars in miami. Yeah, I’m a hater.

  9. He’s a nice guy off the TV playground but on the playground he talks down to his photogs and thinks he knows more then vets that have done their time. With that…good luck and keep your mouth shut and learn!!!!

  10. Tom “do you know who I am?” Llamas, if this was twenty years ago (heck, ten years ago) when this business was in better shape he’d be working in Sioux Falls.

    Just look at the bright side kids, this proves that anybody no matter your lack of talent can now get a job in the top market in the country — as long as you keep your lips firmly planted on the right asses! 🙂


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