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WHDH Oops: He Does What Now?


Video from WHDH Gustav coverage going into break.
The live shot of the levee included a train car with the words “I fuck till my dick hurts” sprayed on it and clearly visible right under the lower 3rd graphic.


  1. Is it just me or does it seem like that female anchor has no earthly idea what she is doing? She seems nervous and uneasy. Can she not ad lib.. isn’t it market 5 or something?

  2. I have a question that is not about this subject.
    Is Shireen Sandoval or Robin Simmons pregnant? Or has either of these two ladies recently had a baby?

  3. Shireen Sandoval was.. i dono if she had her baby or had a miscarriage but one day she was getting big and than a week later it looked like she was skinny again..

  4. Who shot this? What loser sits on the couch with a shaky Handycam and shoots newscasts off the TV? Maybe it’s a creepy news wannabe.

    Does this person do this for the whole hour? I bet his arm hurts.

  5. No, at the beginning you can tell he was using a DVR, he just rewinded it to the part and recorded it. Don’t be so quick to criticize people.


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