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WLTV Univision 23 in HD?


WLTV is going high def today.

One reader dropped me a message saying Univision 23 will be HD on Monday.

And a little bit later another reader said the station ran a promo that said changes were coming on Monday.

So it appears at least at this time that Miami will have its 4th station broadcasting local content in high definition.


  1. I don’t think they’re going HD but if so, then wow! but not 4me as of now why? ‘cos Directv doesn’t offer T51’s or U23’s digital signal just their analog broacast, not even Univision’s top station (KMEX) has done it yet, they’re only re-disining their newscast studio and they’re preparing for a morning newscast that will be broadcast on T69 beginning on Monday the 28th, so if someone think the promos are meant for HD then he/she is wrong, i’ve seem such promos and they’re cappy ones! showing the logo from their old newsdesk w/ images of their infield reporters.

  2. ….Holly Crap…New studio Looks Grrreat…! they updated their GFX too…! the studio looks HD ready but no word on HiDef yet….but it looks way better that T51

  3. CW’s high def because they buy their newscast from WTVJ. Tribune is in the process of moving their own facilities to the Sun Sentinel building.


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