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WPEC Anchor’s FCAT Criticizm


Liz Quirantes, WPEC evening news co-anchor, emceed the William T. Dwyer Awards this weekend honoring Palm Beach educators. But it’s her speech at the event that’s drawing attention.

In it Quirantes criticized teachers pressuring youngsters to get ready for the FCAT test, calling it unhealthy, and giving an example with her own son who’s in second grade and  and had the FCAT preparation book a year before the exam.

Quirantes also took on Lake Worth High Assistant Principal Craig Kirkwood who said he was looking forward to the return of a student injured in the Wendy’s shooting in February and that they could get her back on track for her FCAT exam.


  1. Good for Liz! The FCAT is pushed on kids to the point where they can’t/don’t learn their normal lessons. Teachers teach FCAT instead of the curriculum. The day the FCAT is abolished can’t come too soon.

  2. About a week ago (I believe on the 11 PM news) Liz talked about a recent Book. A Bio about an entertainer she knew, and loved the book. Saying it was written just the way he would talk.
    What is the name of the book?
    I thought it was “SWING” but could not find it at Amazon.com


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