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WSCV also in HD


WSCV also flipped the HD switch ON, being owned by NBC and broadcasting from the same building as WTVJ.

Unfortunately I don’t think they are available on Comcast yet (DirecTV/Dish?) though, and only with an over-the-air antenna.

//*Reader Frank says WSCV HD is not on Direct and Dish either, only the analog channels

/hat tip Alain/


  1. Yes, Channels 6, 39, and 51 are all broadcasting local content in HD. The viewing experience is nothing short of fabulous!

  2. I already wrote to Comcast b*tching about not getting WSCV 51 in HD and I got what seems to be a standard reply about working on contracts to carry the high definition broadcast and not having enough HD subscribers/bandwidth and blah blah blah. Guess I’m going to have to dig out the antenna from the closet.


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