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WTVJ Sale: Possible Thanks to Strong Spanish Stations


Miami Herald TV critic says WTVJ’s sale is all but approved by the FCC because of the dominant Spanish stations in our market.

Nothing really new if you read this blog and especially the comments where someone already pointed out WTVJ ranks 6th overall behind WLTV and even behind its roomate WSCV Telemundo 51.

The article quotes even anti-corporate groups which seem to believe the sale is all but approved.

Of course the FCC could always say that WTVJ is 4th among English language stations and nix the sale but something tells me that isn’t likely even though they tried acting like they’re doing their job with the localism rules proposal to force stations to locate their studios within their city of license


  1. Is there anything that can be done to stop this sale? I do not believe that this sale is in the public interest.


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