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Family of WPTV Photog Jim Sitton Attacked By Gunman


Update: turns out WPTV covered that story prior to that since around 10pm

At 12:06am last night Palm Beach stations broke into regular programming to cover a big shooting that happened in Jupiter. A gunman had walked into a house and attacked someone’s family. 7 People were shot.

This morning we are learning that it was longtime WPTV photojournalist Jim Sitton’s family that was attacked. His 6-year old daughter Makayla was killed by the suspect Michael Merhige who’s yet to be caught.

Page2Live is also reporting anchors Shannon Cake and Kelley Dunn who often work with Sitton were at his home shortly after the shooting.

At 12:06 WPTV was first to break from regular programming and cover the shooting, followed shortly by WPEC and WPBF. The suspect Michael Merhige is related to Jim Sitton’s wife. He was one of the invited to the Thanksgiving party but according to police left then came back and opened fire on the guests. The Palm Beach Post is reporting the suspect had an ongoing resentment toward several of the family members who were at the residence. He killed his twin sisters, 76-year old aunt, and Jim’s 6-year old daughter as she slept in her bed and injured two other relatives.


  1. Mass murder seems to run in that family. WFOR ran a story saying that in 1973 the guy had another aunt that killed her husband, 2 kids, and then herself.


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