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Finally, The Simpsons in HD Tonight


I still have 3 hours to kill being location challenged but east coasters will get to see the first ever Simpsons in HD in less than 48 minutes. Can’t wait

If you want a minor spoiler, after the jump the new Simpsons open:


  1. Man that show has taken a nose dive in quality. I feel like I’m watching an old Dan Marino losing 62-7 in his final game. Just end it already

    Edit: OK I’m watching it on DVR & the line about Homer not believing Batman is Bruce Wayne was hillarious.

  2. Simpsons are classic. They were 20 years ago and they still are today. Funny 20 years ago, funny in the year 2009.

  3. This show is still on? I mean the ratings are not all that anymore. THis show should have been canelled 15 years ago. Its old and stale. NEXT

  4. Hithere,

    You asked and you shall recieve. Never doubt me my dear.
    Fox – The Simpsons
    Viewers: 6.82 million (#4), A18-49: 3.2/ 8 (#1)
    overall viewers SUCKS!!!!!!
    18-49 is good however.
    I thik this show has run its course.

  5. I used to love the Simpsons it was edgy at the time when It went up against the Cosby show on Thursday night.(5th Grade) In fact there was a time growing up when my parents did not allow me to watch the Simpsons. Now, after everyone seeing such Great shows like South Park and Family Guy the Simpsons just never seemed the same.

  6. Amen PEACOCK

    I so agree with you about that. It needs to be put to sleep. I was just like you I would watch it and go crazy for it when the Cosby Show was on against it. It was new fresh and different to me as a kid.


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