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Image of The Day: Larry King at Dolphins Game


Larry King at the Miami Dolphins vs Patriots game yesterday.

He joined former WPLG sports director Jimmy Cefalo and WTVJ NBC6 sports director Joe Rose for their radio broadcast on WQAM

King was a Dolphins radio analyst from 1969-1971 and in 1977

/via TVnewser/


  1. Larry King also got his start in media here in South Florida having worked at WIOD, WTVJ, and WPLG. He was also arrested here in the 1970s.

  2. As usual Mitch, you nailed it. Larry King has always sucked. What the appeal is, I have no idea. As if Cefalo isn’t stuck with 2 millstones during the Dolphin games, they shoehorn this has-been in too. Hey Larry, loan me fifty dollars! F-ing deadbeat.

  3. The guy is such a phony. His current wife had to go into rehab too. Guess, Larry is still a ball to live with…lol

  4. Howard Stern has a standing offer for the current Mrs. King (#9, I think) to take a polygraph test to prove whether she had a physical relationship with her trainer, or some other flunkie on the payroll. Larry looks like he’s met his match at last.

  5. Larry King was shyster when he was here in Miami. He owed half of Miami money and the other half was suing him. Not to mention the slew of ex wives and children he just walked away from. Scumbag


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