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Jon Shainman Joins WPTV

Jon Shainman WPTV Photo: WPTV.com
Jon Shainman WPTV Photo: WPTV.com

As of Tuesday former WPBF main anchor Jon Shainman is part of the WPTV news team!

Prior to joining WPTV, Shainman was at WPBF for 11 years. First as a reporter then as  the station’s main anchor alongside Tiffany Kenney. Shainman parted ways with WPBF recently when the station did not renew his contract for what they say were economic reasons.

Jon Shainman joins WPTV as a reporter covering the Treasure Coast.

Am I the only who thinks we might see Jon on the anchor desk in the not too distant future?

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  1. I miss Jon Shainman. I just might switch to channel 5 if he becomes an anchor. WPBF is not the same without him.

  2. Both my husband and I miss Jon Shainman so much. Channel 10 news is not the same anymore. We think Jon and Tiffany Kenney were great anchors for news and I hope that Jon and Eric Glasser will soon have some anchor jobs to come. We no longer watch channel 10 news and have switched to channel 5, as they have the very best news coverage, reporters and anchor newscasters. We wish Jon Shainman the very best of luck and we know that he will do very well at channel 5 news.

  3. Jon Shainman was my favorite anchor. My husband and myself were so worried when we hadn’t seen Jon on 25 news lately. Now we will start watching channel 5 news more. He is just a great personality.

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