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NBC6 News Blooper? Sharon Lawson Flub


Black… What boxes? Maybe it’s just me hearing it. NBC6 reporter Sharon Lawson may have made a tiny flub Tuesday night on the NBC6 news “South Florida Tonight.” Last night while talking about plane debris being found, she may have got her black objects confused. What do you think?


  1. Freudian slip…when someones thinking of something and doesn’t intend to say it aloud, yet it comes out anyways…

  2. Obviously she meant to say “black cockpit recording boxes” and she jumped it a bit and said that. Easy mistake to make and not a big deal. Grow up.

    • Oh come off it.

      It’s all in good fun. No one’s saying she did anything wrong. Although, I doubt she was trying to say “black cockpit recording boxes.”


  3. Lawson has got to be one of the worst news readers in this market. She continuously makes flubs. It must be because of those big lips! Wooh.

  4. OMG. It has happened again. I hate to call this lovely woman out, but about a 1/2 hour ago, while describing this new comet, she said it was “penis” shaped, NOT peanut like the AP report states. I recorded it (ah, DVR!)and listened a few times as I first heard it while eating dinner and was like, “hold up”. I gotta get this on The Soup….


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