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Michael Smith, New WPLG Meteorologist


WPLG meteorologst has added a new meteorologist on weekend morning newscast. He was introduced to the viewers on last night’s newscast when he filled in for Trent Aric, according to one of our alert readers.

Initially we weren’t sure who Michael Smith was but after asking the Google we found out he’s actually a familiar face. Smith comes to WPLG from WHNS, the FOX affiliate in Greensboro, North Carolina where he was the station’s chief meteorologist.

But before taking that job Smith it turned out freelanced at WFOR until sometime in 2002.

Michael Smith takes over for the suddenly departed Geneen Anderson on the weekend morning newscasts. Geneen Anderson joined WPLG in June 2008 from WCNC in North Carolina.


    • Agree on Todd Newton. Baffled by the Louis Aguirre comment though?! lol

      This guy looks top notch, shame he is just a weekend meteorologist, guess he’s just happy he still has a job with the new business acting the way it is, and right before Hurrican Season, nothing better than that for a meteorologist. He can hopefully end up replacing the doozies over at WSVN or WTVJ, Phil is bland and John is turning out to be stale and boring!

  1. A little more info on Mr. Smith from Wikipedia…

    Michael Smith also boosted the viewership of the station by forecasting the weather on many local radio stations including the popular morning show: “THE RISE GUYS”. Smith’s celebrity won him the local title of “Best-Looking News Person of 2005”. FOX Carolina effectively used Smith’s popular likeness in much of their advertising through early 2008 when he abruptly parted with the station. FOX Carolina never gave any explanation for Smith’s disappearance from the broadcast, although all reports indicate a falling out between himself and then News Director Kayan Lewis. The station quickly had all links, ties, images, and video of Smith’s ties to the station removed from the internet.

  2. I used to see Michael Smith sometimes at the gay bars in South Beach. He did freelance for awhile at CBS4, and afterwards, he moved to Greenville, SC with his boyfriend, former WFOR Meteorologist Chris Paulsen.
    I used to date a former WFOR employee, and saw Michael, and Chris at the CBS4 X-Mas party. They sure did make a cute couple!

  3. I’ve seen Michael out in Fort Lauderle with his partner Nick, I know Nick for years, and they have been together for a few years now. They are not seen out and about these days.

  4. I just want to be sure I’m not confused with the other Robert who posted above… Congrats to him… he’s a friend of mine, and I know WPLG has had their eye on him in the past. Glad he’s back on the air.

  5. I’m a new admirer of Michael Smith. I saw him a couple weeks ago & flipped for that beautiful smile of his.! Too bad he’s gay..boo-hoo.! Anyway, I’ll continue to watch the weekend weather on ch. 10 & admire from afar…Peace


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