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Paul Deanno Now Officially at KOMO


pauldeannofirstdayatkomo1On Monday now former WTVJ chief meteorologist Paul Deanno started officially as KOMO’s new weekday mornings meteorologist.

A bit of a South Florida dejavu for me seeing Paul D. on TV here in Northwest 🙂 and looking at the recording from my DVR it was a smooth show for him yesterday.

If you wish to, you can check out Paul D doing his thing on KOMO’s morning news in about 15 minutes live at http://live.komotv.com (until 10am eastern)

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  1. glad that he seems happy – he and his wife have wanted to live there for quite some time.

    I really enjoyed him while he was here – he had a warm delivery and communicated very well.

    6 still has the best weather team out there if you ask me… I know John Morales is not earning the highest marks, but I’m liking him well enough so far. He comes off a little less lively than Paul, but he’s cut from the same cloth when it comes to communicating clearly in my humble opinion. Also nice that all four of them have meteorology credentials – no “weathercasters”

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