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You can now call SFLTV.com and leave anonymous tips, messages, or comments! When you call the following numbers, you’ll be connected to my voicemail box. Leave us any anonymous tips you may have; your phone number will not be saved. If you want us to contact you back, leave us your e-mail address (with spelling), and we’ll get back to you.
You can even call and leave us your comments on a story. Who knows, you may hear your comment on the site. Just make sure to tell us which story you’re commenting on. 
THIS IS NOT the place to call for legal questions, interview requests, or general contact. Please use our “contact us” link above for the aforementioned matters. Please note that our legal disclaimer has been updated to reflect the new features.  
In Broward: (954) 839-6477
In Miami-Dade: (305) 459-3965
Once again, your phone number WILL NOT BE SAVED. So add these new phone numbers to your contact book, and when you see TV industry news at your station, or when you want your voice to be heard… give us a ring!
 *Phone number idea is still in Beta phase.


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