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NBCMiami.com Live: Open Thread


NBCMiami.com is now live. Lots of new goodies that I’ll be posting on later. Now, this was unexpected… This may also mean that graphics are going live tonight as well. We’ll see. Check back soon for more information.

Update: As of the 3:00PM update, they are still using the same graphics.

Update: 4:00PM update had a different font on the time and temp bug, as well as a lighter background. Looks like we’ll be seeing new graphics..

Open Thread: What do you think of the new NBCMiami.com? I really have mixed feelings. I like it, yes. But then again, it looks just like the 8 other O&O sites… What do you think?


  1. The new NBCMiami.com looks great! Kudos to the web designers. This is one of the best news websites I have seen lately in South Florida. Very clean and well layed out. Plus, their search engine actually works.

    Can’t wait to see their new graphics.

    Congratulations to WTVJ/MBC6. Hopefully they will get their rating going in the upward position and some day (once again) become the South Florida’s leader in news.

  2. Looks like we’re getting the graphics at 6. Last news update at 4PM had a different font on the time and temp bug. (Arial, transitioning right now I suppose)

  3. I happen to like it a whole lot. Better than the WFOR site, a template which I think tends to be very cluttered and, for me at least, slow to load and navigate around. I definitely like NBC’s new, more modern look.

    The one thing that kinda bothers me, even though I live in Miami, is that it’s specifically called NBC Miami. Doesn’t it also serve Broward and the Keys? Not sure about the Keys, but Broward for sure.

  4. I like it, however, it would be nice if all the other O&Os added us to the O&O link list under About. We added them.

  5. The page look great and i will say is the best one in South Florifa but what happen to the live stramimng on the web.
    Alex can we have some info on this?

  6. It looks great but i still prefer wsvn.com which has the live streaming video of all of there newscast including the updates at the top of the hour. Also they are one of the first one to put up any breaking news story.

  7. Somebody please tell me why the current trend is to ditch the channel number on your web site. First JustNews, now MIA.

    Where is the connection between the TV channel and the web site? I can’t find a “6” anywhere on the freaking web page.

    Oh wait – there’s a big “MIA” down to the left. This must be the web site for that godawful 93.9 MIA radio station. But I’m confused… I thought this was a TV station… But wait again – it says “Locals Only” – this must be Local 10!

    Freaking unbelievable.


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