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SFLTV.com’s Newsie of the Week


SFLTV.com is launching our new weekly feature, Newsie of the Week. Do you watch a news anchor or reporter that stands out in the crowd? Have a co-worker that you think should be recognized for their work? Here’s your chance to let them know. You can now nominate anyone from the South Florida TV news industry. From your main anchor, AM reporter, or satellite truck operator – and everyone in between. All nominations are anonymous and anyone can vote. Every week we’ll have a new winner, and every month you’ll be able to vote for your favorite of the four. NOMINATE NOW: HERE.


Our first weeks winner was chosen by the SFLTV.com staff. This weeks winner is…

Pam Giganti - Photo Via: NBCMiami.com

…WTVJ morning anchor Pam Giganti. Pam Giganti has anchored WTVJ’s morning newscast ‘Today in South Florida’ since 2001. In that time she has demonstrated herself as a capable and appealing anchor. Pam’s great on-air chemistry with her co-anchor Bob Mayer is evident from their daily banter on the show, and is clearly demonstrated to the viewers. We like her versatility and style in delivering the morning news, and the type of attitude that makes you want to keep watching. In my opinion, Pam and Bob make the show easy to watch, and easy to wake up to. Unfortunately, because she only anchors the early-AM show and gets little air time, she rarely gets recognized as the true talent she is.

When former WTVJ meteorologist Lonnie Quinn and his goofy personality joined the ‘Today in South Florida’ newscast in 2002, he changed the way Pam and Bob lead the show. It went from stiff, conservative, and reserved… to a lot more relaxed and easy to watch.

Even though many view the rest of WTVJ as a sinking ship, we feel the morning show has managed to retain its quality and professionalism in part because of Pam Giganti, and of course in no-small party by Bob Mayer.

So with this, that is why we pick Pam Giganti as SFLTV.com’s Newsie of the Week.

Who would you pick as YOUR newsie of the week? Tell us by nominating them using the form above.


  1. Good Morning Alex and SFLTV staff!
    Thank you for selecting me as your Newsie of the Week. I am honored by your kind words. I am also pleased that you mentioned the good work of my TV husband, Bob Mayer. It is a privelage to work with such an outstanding team each morning. When you have to get up as early as I do (2:15 a.m.), it’s important to work with people who you genuinely like and respect.
    Best wishes on SFLTV’s continued success. Thank you again for the honor.

    Warm Regards, Pam

  2. NBC6 used to be the only news station I watched but their decline is clearly evident. The only exception is the early morning show with Bob and Pam (and Ryan!) Bob and Pam are only two professionals left at this station, and this is the only time I remain an NBC news viewer. Now if only they would get rid of Roxy on traffic it would really be easier to watch because how they keep her on this show remains a mystyery. She is a horror and and embarrassment to Bob and Pam!! The days when Roxy is gone and they bring back Karen Curtis on traffic are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I have to disagree with you. While Bob and Pam keep the show professional, they add the humor to the show that makes you actually want to watch them, unlike other morning shows. They do segments that I wouldve never thought I’d see on TV such as Twitter Trivia and the Website of the Day and of course “Whats the coffee of the day?”. Now Roxy does a GREAT job doing the traffic, while keeping the show fresh and new as well. She gives the show that extra “umph” to continue to make it more appealing to the viewer. I’m going to be totally honest with you, when my school schedule changed, I honestly didn’t want to wake up at 6:00 AM, but the first time I watched it, I laughed, and won Twitter Trivia, and was sold that I was going to watch that from now on. Are they the best TV station in the SoFlo market? Absolutely not. I don’t like them for evening news. But in the AM they have that on-air chemsitry that just makes you laugh, and they make it pleasurable to actually wake up at 5-6 AM. Those are by two cents.

      • Maybe I’m going against the trend, but I like Roxy as well. Admittedly, TV traffic reporters are not the fastest and most efficient ways of obtaining traffic news, but I like Roxy. She is new, and she is learning, but she does bring her own piece to the show – and she’s good at her job.

        Eh, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but I like her.

  3. I grudgingly admit that I like Roxy, but Bob and Pam don’t need the help. They may be better served trying Roxy elsewhere. I’ll say this–she’s farther along than Tisha.


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