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Nick Bogert to Leave WTVJ

Source: NBCmiami.com

Nick Bogert hosted the Silver Circle Awards this past weekend honoring several long time employees at the local TV stations.

There, we’re told by tipsters attending, he mentioned he’s leaving WTVJ soon and moving to Chicago. Bogert joined WTVJ in 1981 after anchoring and reporting at WCIX (now WFOR) for two years.

/thanks tipsters/


  1. WTVK is long gone. 😉

    Anyways, I always considered Nick as those special talents that I regarded highly in Miami TV. If its true he will be leaving Miami after nearly 30 years, its really sucks for him but best of luck to whatever he decides to do in Chi-town.

  2. Bogert is going to be missed over the long term. He was depth. Something we seem to have less and less of on local news stations.

  3. Big loss for WTVJ! I worked with him for years and really enjoyed it, granted he was tough on photogs, I still respected his work. Plus, he is really hilarious when the pressure is off. He’ll be missed!!!

  4. Nick:

    Turn out the lights when you leave. WTVJ is a sad shell of its former self, and there’s no one to blame but NBC. How pathetic.

  5. wow first Joel now Nick nbc6 better hold on to the remaining talent cause WTVJ is a dying ship. They would be dumb to let anyone else go or have leave. Also they need to bump up that main anchor job salary cause they are only going to get people that are desperate and looking for work or somoene that is looking at the big leagues. I image no respectable agent is going to tell there clients to look at WTVJ.

  6. Why would anyone even say Joel and Nick in the same sentence??? There’s no comparison. Can’t we have just one post without mentioning Joel’s name in it at all??

  7. Very sad to see. Mr Bogert has been a part of my TV experience all of my adult life. Very sad to see what is happening at Channel 6. No wonder I almost never watch their news shows anymore.


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