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Reporter Shuffle at WTVJ


@TodayinSF Twitter:

So, today was Steve Litz’s last day on the morning show. He’s not leaving NBC6, but he’s going to reporting for the night shows. I was just want to thank Steve for all his hard work the past two years. He is a class act & will be greatly missed on the mornings. On top of that, I’m proud to call him a friend. Thank you, Steve for everything. You’re going to shine at nights. On Monday, we welcome Claudia DoCampo to the mornings.

According to Today in South Florida’s twitter, there will soon be a shuffle at WTVJ. Claudia Decompo…Decompo.. (whatever… I’m pretty sure it’s not DoCampo) will be taking over the single AM reporter position come this Monday. Steve Litz, the current morning reporter, will be taking over for Claudia’s PM reporter position. Claudia is a former NBC6 freelance ‘YOH’ employee, as was Litz (I believe). Both were added as staff reporters a few months ago.

How funny. They can give a reporter (who’s only moving to evenings) a mini-sendoff, but yet they can’t mention the fact that a 20+ year anchor got laid off? Oh the loyalty! Folks, that’s local news for ya’ in the year 2009.

/thanks to Mr. Brandon Lopez for the tip/


  1. Cant say enough good things about Steve Litz. I watch the guy every morning and he does it all. From shootings to fire to weather stories. My hats off to Steve for now getting to showcase his great classic story telling ability in front of a primetime audience. He will be a great addition to the night team. Way to go Steve, you’re the man!

  2. Yes, Steve is definitely a great reporter. Now I get to see him more often since I don’t wake up so early anymore…

    And It’s DoCampo, L3s have it like that.. might be some Portuguese form of /De/Campo

  3. Yes, it is DoCampo… I think she’s actually quite good.

    Not a huge fan of Steve Litz… his delivery seems a little off.

    I wonder if she’ll be a fill-in anchor on the morning shows now that Kelly Craig is gone and Roxanne Vargas will be doing more reporting?

  4. I’ve watched the morning show for a very long time. I remember when Bob was there left and came back to the morning. I also remember Tina Cante who interviewed me and I became a big fan. She was a reporter who really cared about people or so I gathered from that day. Anyways, since then they have had several morning reporters that I was not fond of watching they were very dramatic. I love Steve’s delivery. He gave it to you just as it is. He kept the drama out of it and just stuck to the facts. I wish him the best and I will miss his reporting. I hope that they are not doing it to get rid of him. They have made some bad decisions there but, hopefully they keep him and I’m looking forward to seeing him hopefully not to late.

    • One of the Good Ones… you are right about his delivery. He is very level-headed and does not sensationalize, which I applaud. Too many TV reporters overdo it. Not to contradict myself with my next statement, but I think he comes off a little dull. I do think he’s talented but he doesn’t seem to be as lively in his delivery as some of the other reporters.

  5. didnt kelly craig marry the boss or something way back…… anyone else who got that fat would have been fired years ago….

  6. You got it wrong, Kelly’s boss in Tampa was Trina Robinson’s current husband. I think his name is Clyde. Trina’s husband is now a private attorney. Kelly’s husband is a very tall guy (about 6’5)and I dont think he’s in the business ( but not positive).

  7. Steve is a bit too animated for my taste. He always has his tiny notepad in his hand and turning around to point to the story. A little less moving around would be an improvement.


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