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@TodayinSF Has Fun With Chroma Key

Twin Arms
Twin Arms

NBC6’s morning show Today in South Florida had some fun with their Chroma Key software, when it was observed that meteorologist/substitute anchor Trina Robinson was wearing green. Please excuse the poor photo quality; Just snapped a quick shot with my phone while getting ready this morning.

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  1. Alex, years ago( in the 70s) WTVJ had a mid day sportscaster, Bob Jackson who was a very dark skinned black man and whenever they used chroma key part of Bob would dissapear on the screen. It was funny too see. Poor Bob !

  2. Trina doesnt have a nasal voice at all, in fact her voice is much like Ann Curry’s. Listen to both of them and you will realize it. Sort of a breathy type voice.

  3. Trina can best be described as voluptuous. This is probably the biggest waste of talent at this station. She does whatever they ask of her and does it very well. I bet she could do sports if called upon to do so. What a waste. What a 6 thing to do!

    • What???!!!! Trina is probably one of the nicest people I have met in television. I felt very comfortable talking to her. I think she takes what she does very seriously, and damn right she does it all well. I don’t think she is the a waste at all, let alone the biggest waste!

      Like I said Chuck, if you don’t like, don’t watch.

    • Unless of course, chuck, I misunderstood your tone here, now that I read it again you may have been saying a positive thing, but since “voluptuous” can be interpreted in different ways, I cannot tell. Maybe I am just stupid.

  4. I don’t like, I love! I think she’s major league talent being put to waste here at 6. The fact that she is easy on the eyes is just a bonus. In a town that made out Jackie Johnson to be a hottie, Trina is miles ahead. It is a visual medium, so being easy to look at helps immensely–unless you’re Nespral, in which case it’s best to watch with the mute on.

  5. I agree with the folks who say Trina is underutilized at NBC-6.

    She is highly talented and is one of the nicest newscasters I’ve met. And yes, she is easy on the eyes, but she really is so much more than that. I really hope she makes it through the layoffs, or at least winds up on her feet at another station.

  6. Trina is no spring chicken either. I believe she is 45. Her husband is 20 years older then her. I hope his heart doesn’t give out. When it comes to the nicest person at WTVJ, I hear the same answer from people who work there, Julia Yarbough !


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