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Sun Sentinel Looking for the Ruler of South Florida Airwaves


CelebritySmackdownBracketThe Sun Sentinel is running a ‘South Florida Celebrity Smackdown’ contest to crown one local “celebrity” (TV anchors are celebs?) ruler of the airwaves.

The newspaper is pitting TV anchor teams, radio hosts and sports anchors against each other with the first round ending on Sunday July 19th at midnight. Then in round two, which begins at 9am on July 21st, the winners from the 1st round will be pitted against each other.

Strangely missing from the voting fiesta are the chief weather guessers at the stations along with the weekend and 5:30pm anchor teams from WSVN and WFOR. And there’s no mention of WPBF or WPEC.

And poor Richard Lemus got left out of the WSVN morning anchor team like he doesn’t exist.

You have until Sunday July 19th to  cast your vote here


  1. Boy, this doesent match up with ratings at all. NBC 6 has a lead in these graphs, and WSVN has a lead over Local10 on these graphs too.

    Also it Shows WFLX being favored over WPTV, which ratings don’t show either. Maybe Ansin is right Nielson is stupid.

  2. Strange that WFLX is being mentioned here, as all their talent really work for WPEC. Of course, WFLX’s newscast does rate in the Miami area…

      • I don’t know anything. 🙂 All I remember was a big blowup where someone broke out the gay hate comments… he hasn’t been here since. Who would?

        …our mature commenter.

        • I think you should dig up the thread and repost it. There’s a new feature for you: SLTV “Best Thread” contest. 😉

  3. Both have there faults and bright spots. WPLG has Laurie and WSVN has Craig, but WPLG also has Perez and WSVN has Belkys. I much rather watch Belkys than that other drama queen (perez)

  4. how can sun-sentinel put deco drive and that crap show southflorida.com /live in the same catagory? it doesnt make sense

  5. Julian, I still remember “The Charlie Perez Show” from about 15 years ago. For those of you who don’t remember it, it was much like Jerry Springer….pure crap with prettyboy Charles Perez ( he was real looker back then). Thats why no one ever calls him “Charlie” anymore. He wants people to forget Charlie Perez, who can blame him?

  6. I didn’t realize this until Bob Mayer mentioned this in an email to me. Bob and Pam have been coanchors longer then anyone currently of South Florida TV 8 years (maybe 7 yrs, my short term memory isn’t what it used to be). I guess when he finally retires he will also hold the record as a TV anchor down here ( over 40 years). Thats one record which will be never broken !

    • Well Miami/Fort Lauderdale market maybe, but not in South Florida all together. WPTV and WPEC have both had the same morning anchors for longer than 8 years. WPTV has had the same morning anchors since 1996.

    • Oh and as for Bob Mayer holding the record for longest anchor in South Florida, he has got that!

      The longest in West Palm Beach that is still currently working is weatherman John Matthews on WPEC CBS 12 who has been there since 1972. Jim Sackett has been at WPTV since 1978. So Bob Mayer has both of them beat.

  7. John Matthews started as the news anchor there many years ago. I remember when they made him the weatherman, I thought it was a demotion. As far as longativity as a weatherman , Bob Weaver will will hold that record forever as he was at WTVJ for over 50 years !


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