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Sunbeam Orders Alliteration Anihilation!


The powers that be at Sunbeam have decided no more alliterating!  A tipster tells me word came down the pike there is to be “no more plane plunge, tough take down…” in the newscasts! Even at WSVN!!

After Randy Price left WHDH the Boston papers went to town pouncing on the station for its recent tabloid transformation and lack of substance. Readers and viewers took to the comments some wondering what took Price so long to leave the station. All that was probably too much bad PR.

But apparently this article in the Boston Herald titled “On 7, it’s crash! Cash! Clash! Kapow!” might have something to do with the decision by the powers that be to stop alliterating.

Perhaps it also did not help having your former star anchor on radio for half an hour, telling everyone he found the alliteration “mind-numbing” and referring to a story titled “Plane Plunge” saying “I’d have to turn around and ask what does that graphic mean”?

I think channel 7 just lost a little bit of its soul.

Have Channel 7 bosses caved to the masses? Realized they can’t control the message? There may be no such thing as bad press but in this case all the negative press was piling on to an already bad problem. And you can’t turn around the station if nobody is watching. You can’t just say on your station your main anchor retired when it’s not true. There are blogs out there like this one and others where your viewers will find out what’s going on and get their reason to stop watching you.

And while I personally do not buy that people are looking for only serious news sometimes the tabloidy shenanigans can be too much.

More serious news doesn’t have to be boring. In our. Humble non-expert. Opinion. Make it sexy like only channel 7 can but be relevant or you’d have more and more former fans.


  1. Oh my Stars!..(I know that is NBC but I hate that title)
    Seven gets Slammed with some Sad news….The news starts right now!
    Crazy GRFX
    Crazy GRFX
    2 Shot

  2. It is long overdue. This obsession with alliteration trivializes every damn story. Could 7 be on the way to being a legit venue for journalism? Oh that’s right, Ansin still pays the bills.

  3. Let me tell you, 7 is getting ugly up here in Boston. With the departure of locally loved Randy Price, the viewers are not happy. A recent poll done by the Boston Globe says that Randy Price is the 2nd most missed news personality (behind local sports legend and in front of another very popular veteran anchor).

    They’re current line-up is confusing. They have different people on every half hour it seems, a weekend anchor on weekdays, a field reporter anchoring, and two women anchoring together (never done before up here). On top of it they have a new anchor team picture on whdh.com, but no announcement of a new anchor team.

    I have a feeling we will be seeing WHDH for sale soon (NBC badly wants it anyways). I can’t even watch “the news station” anymore (then again I could only bare to watch it when Randy Price was on.

  4. I hope they stop saying “cop car” and “chopper” too. It’s embarrassing to see a grown person say “cop car.” Seriously, SVN news director, just smack us in the face with a giant trout. Please please please stop talking down to your audience. You haven’t earned my respect…yet.

  5. you have to realize…i HUGE chunk of wsvn’s viewers are almost illiterate…we’re not talking down to them, we’re talking down WITH them. sad, i know…but the truth. this isn’t boston where people are generally well-educated.

    before you all blast me. tell me i’m wrong. walk the streets and talk with “normal, everyday” folks in south florida…

  6. It’s sad up here.. they don’t even refer to it as “The News Station” anymore and they do NOTHING (but the on screen bug) to promote being in HD.

    Hopefully Matt Lorch will get the nod as Randy’s replacement.. I can’t stand seeing two women on the main desk.

  7. Not a chance Matt will get the job. Anyone who has even dullest sense of observation can see Sunbeam does not like Matt. He was taken off the 10pm show, and now that Randy is gone has not been been filling in on the main shows. I dont know why, but he is good.

  8. Finally, someone high up in Sunbeam sees the horrible writing at WSVN. The writers and producers who write that crap are so inexperienced and they think that is good writing. Channel 7 is a joke

  9. 7 works.. the format works. It has for years. WSVN has 10 hours of Perry Mason and no lead-ins and they do well in ratings. How do you explain that? They don’t have “Desperate Housewives” Or “Grey’s anatomy” all year long. They have Idol once a year and before Idol? They had no real big lead-in. Stop hating and realize America is made up of dumb people who want to be entertained and 7 does just that. Edward R Murrow died a long time ago and so did standards across the US. The today show is one big commercial, so is CBS and ABC. Get over it!

  10. Channel 7 is a joke, I find it offensive that they feel they are talking down WITH the viewers. Having said that, I still watch them for the hooters. 😛


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