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WPLG Fires Photog for Posting Raw Video Online


A WPLG photog was fired recently after station bosses found out he posted raw news video he shot online.

This is apparently a big no no. Post-Newsweek emailed all staff reminding them of the company’s policy against disseminating raw video and warned everyone things will happen if they catch anyone else doing it.

The WPLG photojournalist posted raw footage from a Broward Sheriff’s office shooting.


  1. BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGG NO-NO…every second of video a photographer shoots is exclusive property of the station owners. this is equivalent to a bank teller giving away wads of 20s. sucks that he got caught (posting in youtube? really?? not the smartest thing..) but he should’ve known better.

  2. i don’t like naming names…especially of behind-the-scenes people…but lets say he was (is) one of the best shooters in the market…good guy.

  3. Posting raw video that you don’t own or have the rights to is foolish and the station has no choice but to handle the situation this way.

    It was a foolish move by the photog and an example has to be set.


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