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WPTV Dumps Dr Phil; Oz Coming to WPLG or WTVJ

The Dr. Oz Show Photo: Oprah.com
The Dr. Oz Show Photo: Oprah.com

Last month one of our rabid readers told us WPTV had given Dr. Phil the boot from their airwaves. We looked around and couldn’t find this confirmed or denied but now it appears that it is very much true.

Turns out WPTV did give Dr Phil the boot to make way for Oprah’s newest creation, The Doctor Oz Show hosted by … yes Dr. Mehmet Oz.

For Miami/Ft Lauderdale Oprah.com lists WTVJ and WPLG. It doesn’t specify either or just shows both stations for whatever reason. Maybe they haven’t hashed the details out yet?

West Palm Beach will get Oz via WPTV, in Dr Phil’s spot if we had to guess.

We wished WSVN would dump this Divorce Court crap and go with a show like Dr Oz, at least the show’s good enough to watch on mute! Where would WTVJ and WPLG even put Oz in their line up?

On the other hand WPBF snagged Dr. Phil and at least at the moment it appears that if they don’t put Phil on at 2pm on weekdays they might remove their 5pm newscast like WPLG did. That way some of those hopefully nice Dr. Phil ratings rub off on their 6pm newscast.

The Dr Oz Show debuts September 14th. And on these news housewives (and the gays) around South Florida threw their knickers in the air!

/hat tip our meebo tipsters/


  1. God knows we don’t need another health show on terrestrial television.

    WPBF will get Dr Phil, when they will air it no idea, but hopefully they dont pull a WPLG. But with Inside edition and stuff, they are almost going to have to change their evenings around. I’m sure they want to use Dr Phil to get viewers fro WPBF News.

    Now it was I who mentioned this to you all, both WPBF and WPTV have been running non stop promos for a month and a half, so im guessing both of you who post on this site do not get WPBF and WPTV. Cause my submission a long time ago should have easily been confirmed.

    • Graham, I don’t know how else WPBF is going to do it. The 3pm and 4pm timeslots are automatically out, assuming that Harpo will maintain the “can’t-air-at-the-same-time-as-Oprah” policy that it currently has with “Dr. Phil.” Their only real options are at 2pm and 5pm if that is the case…

      • I know, They will probably cancel their 5pm and 5:30pm WPBF News. It has worked well for WPLG. This would mark the first 5pm to be dumped in Palm Beach County.

  2. Yeah no neither me nor Alex get the Palm Beach stations
    I’m not even in Florida at the moment and don’t feel like spending $250 on a slingbox to send there and watch Palm Beach stations 🙂

    • You could get U-Verse which offers atleast 3 of the Palm Beach stations. 🙂 I am a bit peeved tho that i mentioned this to you all awhile ago, and even tho this move has aired all over the Palm Beaches you all didnt believe me. And you all still havent changed the post to say that WPBF will get Dr Phil.

      If ya still don’t believe me and want more proof, call this number 561-694-2525 for WPBF, ask the receptionist “Are you guys picking up Dr Phil in Sept?” and a response like “Why yes we are” should be what you get. I wouldn’t tell you something if i didn’t know it to be true.

  3. ahh … no I actually re-wrote the post after the first draft and have forgotten to put WPBF back in … then thought something looked off. Not paying attention today!

    changed it, thx

  4. I bet it’s WPLG that will get Oz. I suspect Post-Newsweek bought the show and had planned on running it on both WPLG and WTVJ. Since the WTVJ acquisition fell through, P-N now has only one South Florida station on which to run it.

  5. Oh dear, just had a thought. What if P-N comes back, buys 6 and dumps the affiliation and runs 6 as an indy? Then, they run Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz on both stations, with 6 airing them in prime time? There used to be a station in Orlando that ran Springer in prime time, so who knows? How do you think 2 med shows in prime time would do in this area’s geezer demo?

  6. Alex, WPBF announced more than a year ago that they were placing Dr. Phil at 5pm. They will now do an hour-long 4pm news. They have also hired a new male evening co-anchor for 4, 6, and 11pm who starts soon.

      • This fall would also be a good time for WPBF to unveal that new set they supposedly have been working on similar to KOAT. And, if Hearst ever removes its freeze on HD upgrades, it would be a good time to go HD. WPBF was the next Hearst station to get the upgrade when the freeze went into place anyways.

  7. The main co-anchor is a guy from Jacksonville.
    As far as sets and HD, I don’t think WPBF has a dime to spare at this time to make any cosmetic changes.


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