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Breaking: WPLG Crew In ENG Van Rollover Crash


Update 2pm:
WPLG posted a little bit more information about the accident. WPLG photojournalist David Silver was driving the truck and attempting a u-turn on 6th street in downtown Fort Lauderdale when a Jeep Cherokee SUV hit the live truck on the driver’s side near the back wheel flipping it onto the passenger’s side. Both Neki Mohan and David Silver had to be pulled out by firefighters trough the front windshield. Neki had lacerations on the right arm and had a neck brace as a precaution. David Silver was cited by police

Neki Mohan though snapped pictures as they were pulling her out of the van and onto a stretcher. There is a  Slideshow from the accident scene on JustNews.com but be aware that some of the photos are graphic!

Update 10:50am
Neki Mohan posted a Facebook update: “I’m doing ok. In ER. Arm hurt. Phone battery about to die. Update later thanks guys!”

Also: the Sun Sentinel posted a video from the scene of the accident. It’s embedded after the jump below

Update 10:16am
The Sun Sentinel is reporting that Neki Mohan, David Silver and a woman who drove the Jeep were transported to Broward General Medical Center. Neki and David suffered only minor injuries.

According to the Sun Sentinel WPLG live truck’s left side fender was dented behind the rear left wheel while the Jeep SUV’s front hood and grill were folded indicating that perhaps the top-heavy news van was side swiped by the SUV


Getting word that WPLG reporter Neki Mohan and photojournalist David Silver were just in a rollover crash around 9am in downtown Fort Lauderdale.


    • Agreed. And what is with the up with the up to the minute updates? Traffic accidents much worse than this happen everyday. It’s routine. It’s mundane.

      What is weird is that that the reporter-chick breaks out her phone and begins snapping pics. One pic even has her on a gurney being loaded into an ambulance and what is she doing? Looking at her phone pics. In some pics she is even smiling. But where are the pics of the driver? Did she take any pics of her cameraman? No. Just herself. Smiling away. It’s just a tad narcissistic. I can only imagine how she played this fake drama out on her Facebook page.

      So, the cameraman will probably be fired for destroying a live truck and the reporter-chick will just keep sending out her self serving photos letting everyone know she is okay and that she survived.

      Yet another reason not watch local news. This is a glimpse of who they really are. Exploit everything to bring attention to themselves.

      • oh give me a break. it’s not everyday thata news station becomes the news. She was being a journalist by documenting her ordeal. That’s what she does for a living. duh! Neki is a well-known, liked and respected journalist in the area and people do care. I find it admirable that WPLG admitted their driver was at fault.

  1. I am a friend of Neki’s. She was updating her Facebook so her family and friends wouldn’t freak out when they saw the pictures. It’s faster than calling everyone. We are glad that she and the photographer are okay. I actually found out she was ok on FB before I saw it on TV. I was glad I did.


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