Kait Parker Joins WPTV

Kait Parker Joins WPTV


Kait Parker joins WPTV as a meteorologist. She will be seen forecasting the weather on weekend morning newscasts on WPTV and will also put in some time during the week alongside morning meteorologist Glenn Glazer (as producer?). Hope she likes to wake up very very early as the news on 5 start at 4:30am!

Kait Parker comes to WPTV from WAKA, the CBS affiliate in Montgomery, AL where she was the weekday mornings meteorologist. She has a degree in meteorology and atmospheric science from University of Missouri.


  1. Welcome to WPTV, from a former broadcaster here in the West Palm beach market!

    I started in 1968 for Sam Phillips (Sun Recording Studios/Sun Records)
    in Lake Worth, and retired in 1995 as Operations Manager/Chief Operator
    and On-Air Host for a local FM/TV station.

    One of your co-workers will be Johann Hoffend, one of the FINEST, most LOYAL, hard-working PROFESSIONALS I’ve ever had the pleasure of having on my Team “back in the day.” Johann is Captain Julie’s “back-seater” in
    Chopper 5. I will enjoy your presence on Channel 5, and wish you the BEST here in South Florida. It will be a pleasure to have you grace our screens! Once again, WELCOME!

  2. Kait was great when she was at waka. I’m sure she can handle anything you can throw at her. We are really going to miss her here in Alabama.

  3. Kait was great when she was here in Montgomery. She was professional,yet so friendly. A fresh cheerful face we will really miss here!!

  4. WPTV is the best station in Palm Beach. It’s nice to see two NBC stations who are number one in Florida. I just read that WTVJ is number one at 11pm and 11am in Miami which brings them back to their original status. It’s about time that kevin Corke, John Morales and Jackie Nespral get what they deserve. They are a fantastic news teams and now they are winning the ratings against all those crappy stations in Miami. I saw last week that NBC6 had a 6.0 rating point at 11pm. I wish I could see them from my home in Wellington but I watch online. Love NBC!!!!

  5. Just saw you for the first time on the morning show and immediately took notice.
    Hey WPTV, get this lady on the air more. Best new talent to come onto the airways in recent memory.
    Clearly heading for network tv, take advantage of the ratings boost she will provide while she’s here.
    Good luck Kait and welcome to Paradise!

  6. Kait is very impressive and the only reason I watched the waka morning show. I am sure she will go far with the right opportunities.

  7. We woke up one morning without you on WAKA and wondered where you were. We enjoyed your weather forecast and glad to find you are on another news cast.

  8. Kait I am a fan and want to exchange addresses (email). I am a Fireman and no from the first day I saw you that your dad was or is too. email me !!! Saw you today and i dont know what u said but u looked great… JK Warm, sticky, Fog…. Got it :)