New Face on WSVN, Reporter Reid Lamberty


Reid Lamberty Photo: WNYW

As of May 3rd there’s a new addition to the 7News team. Reid Lamberty has joined as a reporter for WSVN newscasts, though based on info we have he is freelancing and not on contract.

Prior to coming at WSVN, Lamberty anchored the morning newscast for FOX’s flagship station in New York City, WNYW. He quit the station at the end of March and the NY Daily News reported he wanted to be closer to his family.


  1. Diego…….sorry I missed your comment, but I was at the new site that you were not invited to……….I think they banned ch 7 there…….what a great site !

  2. From what I’ve seen, he’s done solid work while reporting at 7. I’m impressed. Reid appears to be national-type talent and (believe it or not) that’s not always the case with those from market #1, New York. By the way, I work at 7 but I’ve never met the guy… don’t go thinking that it’s Reid writing this.

  3. I miss waking up evry morning & seeing reid lamberty’s handsome face (on tv; lol) I was crushed when I heard him announce that he was leaving ny to be closer to his wife & family

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