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WPLG Will Bribe You To Like Them On Facebook


If you can’t beat them bribe them.

WPLG has decided they want 10,000 Facebook fans so bad they’re willing to give one person an iPad. According to a post on their site, when their Facebook page reaches 10,000 a winner will be picked during the following day’s 9am newscast. The fan who appears on the upper left position will be the winner and will get an Apple iPad

We can’t figure out why the number 10,000, could be because it’s a nice round number or because they are Channel 10, who knows. But we think WPLG is being kind of cheap. Just one tiny iPad? Come on Channel 10 you can do better. How about 10 iPads? It only seems fitting, 10 iPads for 10,000 followers, plus it goes well with your channel number. Not to mention how much better it would look to viewers having a theoretical 1:1000 chance to win versus 1:10,000.

As of this writing they have 4,941 followers. The TV station with the most followers though is WSVN, with 11,515 and no bribes.  Their sister station in Boston, WHDH has 27,895!!

Hit the jump to see which local tv station has the most Facebook followers/fans/likers

WFOR – 4,021

WTVJ – 996

WSVN – 11,515

WPLG – 4,941

WPTV – 8,697

WPEC – 1,907

WPBF – 1,999

WFLX – 880

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  1. it’s called a promotion… it’s actually quite clever. watch how fast other stations follow. WPLG went from 4000 fans to 10000 fans in two days. not desperate, smart. FB is a great marketing tool. the more fans the better.

  2. Ch 7 is combating it and out to sign more gays to it’s Facebook…..they are having a contest, with the winner having their choice of either Craig Stevens or Belkys for the night ! My money is on Diego to win Craig for the night !

    • yes, but WSVN also runs their twiter/facebook reminders several times an hour during newscasts.

      I don’t know what WPLG does, but overall yes it might also have to do with WSVN’s being younger and more in tune with things

  3. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 7 news you better stir that pot

    i wanna win il be there friend

    but i wont watch there newscast LOL

  4. Unless it has big bold graphics and matching letters in the headlines ( terror in Tamarac, murder in Miami) Diego won’t watch it………thank God for ch7….lol

  5. You missed the most obvious panderer to the Facebook generation: the SFL Morning Show, which has a paltry 1,308 fans (which is still more than NBC-StInX)


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