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South Florida TV Stations Say No To Controversial McDonald’s Ad


The Palm Beach Post reports that all of South Florida’s television stations are refusing to air an anti McDonald’s commercial paid for by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Apparently our TV stations can’t digest airing a commercial that calls out everyone’s beloved yellow clown for making people the world over into… well… sickly fatties. The ad features a woman (presumably in a morgue), mourning next to the body of her dead husband who’s clinging to his half eaten, gross McDonald’s burger has somehow escaped the doctor and pathologist. Then the famous golden arches show up and a serious voice states the obvious, crappy food clogs your arteries and causes high blood pressure, then emplores the viewer to eat vegetarian tonight.

McDonald’s already spends tons and tons of money advertising on every television station in town, PCRM are obviously nobodies and TV stations don’t need their 5 bucks to piss in their own yard and make the big yellow clown mad. And you don’t want the big yellow clown mad when he’s holding the purse! Of course the hubbub surrounding the ad has given it a lot more attention than if it actually aired. On YouTube alone the ad  has been seen more than 800,000 times.

TV stations really do care about us, just as long as it doesn’t involve pissing off one of their advertisers. The ad does air on TV though, in Washington D.C. where probably nobody pays attention.


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