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WPBF Anchor Kristin Hoke in Hospice Care


WPBF anchor Kristin Hoke who’s been courageously fighting breast cancer for several years has stopped treatment and is now under hospice care! Page2Live reports her sister Kim as saying Kristin’s cancer has spread to her brain, and that her last chemo therapy was 10 days ago.

Kristin hasn’t been on the air at WPBF since April apparently but her health changed suddenly just recently. She’s fought cancer for around 5 years having 20 surgeries and chemo. She won an Emmy award for her report ‘Kristin’s Story’ showing her own battle with cancer and what she went trough at the time.

Fellow WPBF co-anchor Tiffany Kenney, along with other close friends, is said to be spending time with Kristin at her bedside.


  1. CNN is doing a nightly story (8pm) on the pollution in our air,food, ground, homes and water and how it relates to the large increase in chronic illness and cancers. I urge everyone to watch it. I believe its available on their website for viewing also. Its quite eye opening why their is such a huge increase in cancer too. Its extremely well done with interviews with all types of experts in the field.

  2. There has to be some real haters here as all I did was post an excellent running showing the causes of so many chronic illness and two haters check my posting as “dislike”……what to dislike, as I was just posting an informative show that should be in interest to everyone. Alex, I think its time to discontinue that option as no matter what some say, the haters will hate.

  3. If you read comment number 213 by Kristin’s sister, this schmuck Lambiet impersonated as a WPBF employee to get the story.

    I now have no respect for him and I hope Hearst takes legal action against him and the PB Post.

    • So before this you actually had some respect for Jose Lambiet? He’s the lowest of the low. He thrives on the misfortune of others

  4. Mitchell,

    Stop whinning already

    Would you like Strawberries to go on that cheesecake???????


    They do the same thing to me hate on me you and your boys on here LOL


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