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Busted: Enquirer Nabs NBC Host With WPTV Reporter in an Alleged Affair


The National Enquirer is reporting they have been secretly trailing and filming NBC host Chris Hansen allegedly having an affair with WPTV (an NBC affiliate) reporter Kristyn Caddell — yes the is the same Chris Hansen host of NBC’s ‘To Catch a Predator’ — nice irony no?

The Enquirer alleges Hansen and Caddell been hooking up for the last four months after someone introduced them in the VIP lounge of a local hotspot and the two felt an “immediate physical attraction between them”. After the paper was tipped by some well-wisher about what’s allegedly going on between the two newsers, it then set up a sting operation that followed Chris Hansen and Kristyn Caddell around town as they dined at the Ritz-Carlton, shopped for booze together, and even as the two were walking out of Caddell’s apartment on the way to the airport after spending the night together.

The whole expose is in today’s edition of the paper and the Daily Mail Online has more

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  1. Caddell is a talentless reporter who probably thought she’d hit the casting couch jackpot the second Chris Hansen showed her atttention. Pity he’ll probably never call now.

  2. Hanson, a perverted entrapment specialist,
    got entrapped. Indeed justice is blind…
    The MSM will now play down his adultery as
    perfectly normal; after all, his sexcapade
    is average at NBC. The judger (Hansin) ex-
    ploiter of sex sensationalism will at last
    be on the other side of the camera forever.

  3. “I’m Chris Hansen: have a seat…right here, yeah, that’s it…now have a seat again, and again.” LOL


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