Liz Roldan Named WFOR News Director

Liz Roldan Named WFOR News Director


Liz Roldan is the new WFOR news director as of today. According to a WFOR press release from this morning she joined them in August as an Executive Producer for Special Projects and Investigations and served as interim news director for the past month. Roldan is replacing Cesar Aldama who left for Comcast Sports Net Mid-Atlancitc to be their Senior Director of News.

Liz Roldan is actually no stranger to TV news or South Florida. According to her LinkedIn profile she practically started her career at WFOR, joining the station as an assignment manager in 1990 when it was still known as WCIX. Then in 1995 she moved to WTVJ continuing in the same position for another four years before getting promoted to Special Projects Producer in 1999, and then in 2000 they promoted her to Managing Editor where she remained until October 2008 when she left for a financial company.

Most recently Roldan was the director of marketing at The Playground Theater, owned by Stephanie Ansin, daughter of WSVN owner Ed Ansin.


  1. A dark cloud has just parked itself over the WFOR newsroom. There is no amount of money I would accept to work for this woman. A nasty person, with zero people skills.

  2. I have to defend Mrs Roldan: I have the unfortunate experience of working with her for years and she has always shows sintoms of a huge narcissism and psychotic behavior agains people, not to mention her political, social, cultural and racial ideas. All of this make me think that it’s not her fault: she is just a SICK woman.

  3. She is fairly sick but in Miami, the more mentally disturbed you are the better you are to be a news director. Look at Yvette Miley at WTVJ. She was crazy as well. Liz Roldan was known for cheating on her husband while working at WTVJ. She has no street cred and is a very bad person. I don’t think anyone would say she is fair or friendly.

  4. Glad to see Cesar get pushed out, he was such an idiot when he was here. Thought everyone owed him the world because he was a black Cuban from gitmo! Most of us are Cuban and don’t think we are better than anyone.
    He wont last long at Comcast, I heard they got him cheap because his numbered days at Wfor were up and he knew it!

    So funny, karma is a bitch! He used to get on my ass for stupid things, now his ass is ROTO! Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!

  5. I agree with BossMan, he would always be giving somebody grief for something, thought he was the coolest in his big black Lincoln Navigator with the gitmo plate on the front, like it is something to be proud of??

    Funny poor Nick B. won’t be moving up to his position, even after kissing his butt all the time has was there. Sorry Nick, butt kissing does not always work! Your still my boy though!