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Longtime WPEC Anchor Curt Fonger to Leave


Longtime WPEC anchor Curt Fonger is leaving the station after 22 years, reports the Palm Beach Post. We can report that Fonger chose to walk after they offered him a contract renewal for “significantly” less money. Curt Fonger has been with WPEC since 1989 when joined from WTVX after that station shut down its news department and laid him and other staff off.

Curt Fonger’s reduced contract offer though may be a signal for what will go down in the months and years ahead as WPEC’s parent company Freedom Communications seeks to sell that station and the rest of its assets which also include newspapers. Freedom came out of bankruptcy last year with new owners who also happen to be its creditors, they forgave the company $700 million out of more than a billion of its debt obligations!

The new owners include JP Morgan Chase Capital and a secretive hedge fund, Alden Global Capital, that specializes in buying distressed media companies. The hedge fund has so far invested in several media groups, including distressed Tribune, Poynter’s Rick Edmonds points out their goal is to make changes at the companies and then sell them for profit, which could take 3 to 5 years. WPEC and the rest of Freedom Communications’ properties have been up for sale since late 2010.

Curt Fonger’s last day at WPEC is tomorrow


  1. Wow. Another mainstay in the South Florida market is leaving this year. I offer best wishes to Curt on his future endeavors.

    I can see why he’s leaving though, with the station, and its parent company, going in the tank fast. Saddening, really.

  2. This does not surprise me. I knew this was coming. It also wouldn’t surprise me if Liz Quirantes also fell victim. Hopefully, they’ll promote Juan Carlos Fanjul.

  3. hate to sound mean but..he sounded like a grandpa reading a bedtime story. he wont be missed by younger viewers. 🙁

  4. I love Curt. He was a great coworker and a rock in the newsroom.

    Sadly, that didn’t always play out on tv. While his name was known to many because of his longevity, his ad-lib skills were lacking.

    It doesn’t surprise me that he’s leaving, given the state of Freedom and PEC. Will they promote Fanjul or Roby?

  5. We loved Mr. Fonger and miss his daily broadcast. The new people are o.k. but it is like losing an old friend. Good luck in finding someplace that will appreciate you.

  6. on sunday night 11:00pm news she announce that tonight was her last night.i miss the part what she said she will do next.tara cardoso had spend 10 years she said at wpec

  7. Curt and Liz were the best TV news anchor team in a long time. Theirs was the only news show I regularly watched. They had a deep respect for each other, for their subjects, and for their viewers. No sensationalism, no flippancy, no sniping or belittling, no grandstanding. It wasn’t entertainment, but news professionally delivered. I’m really at a loss for better words, and so these will have to do.

    I wish Curt the very best in his future endeavors, and also wish Liz the best. And I treasure the memories of their great collaboration at WPEC. Thank you both very much!


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