Rob Schmitt Leaves WPLG For LA

Rob Schmitt Leaves WPLG For LA


WPLG anchor/reporter Rob Schmitt has parted ways with the station as of yesterday, he left for a job in Los Angeles at CBS affiliate KCBS. Schmitt anchored the weekend evening newscasts on WPLG alongside Jen Herrera and reported during the week.

Rob Schmitt joined WPLG in February of 2008 from KRCR, the ABC affiliate in Sacramento, California.



  1. I’m sorry to see this hottie leave WPLG. I guess the station can only have one hottie in their team now that Jason Martinez has joined their team. Good luck to Rob!

  2. Even this innane tabloid-like site that so perpetually, and inelegantly lacks regard for peoples reputation, cannot imprison Rob Schmitt to a life of WPLG news…

    He will forever be free to leave, regardless of any bad press against him, because talent, and charisma cannot easily be destroyed.

  3. i always liked to see rob schmitt news is my choice after cbs news. i am glad as he is really great and he seems to love what he is doing.good luck to him.

  4. V, you get an “F” for not expounding on that “douche” remark.

    You remind me of so many lazy people with “facebook” accounts, who comment on various subjects with one, two,( and, on an energetic day) three word non-expressions, but yet, we should all fully understand them!

    What makes Rob Schmitt a “douche”?
    You must know him personally to be able to sum him up in that written way.

    To continue striving for happiness at work is admirable, I think, because many people have a fear of changing jobs, so they remain where they are regardless of how miserable they are, and oftentimes, they take their misery out on others.

    I give Schmitt credit for having the courage to try something new in his field of expertise.

    He may, or may not be happy at his new position, but at least he tries.

    I hope he is happy, because I personally think he is a talented reporter an anchor. He is also fantastic looking, and that is to his benefit.

    If anthing else, I am sure you wouldn’t mind looking like him, V.

    • First of all Jim, I don’t know what facebook has to do with any of this, an d I personally couldn’t care less whether you understand the comment or not. I do know the self-important arrogant twat personally, and I know he’ll be checking this to see how many of his clueless fans praise his hard work and dedication, while remaining completely unaware of his egotistical, womanizing ways.
      Is he a talented reporter? Certainly, but that doesn’t excuse the off camera behavior and attitude you and so many other viewers are ignorant of.
      As far as my looks, I too am a television reporter in South Florida. I’m happy with my looks…how about yourself?

      • I do miss Robb…..looked forward to the weekend with he and Jenn; they had a good rapport! Wishing him the very best in LA!

  5. He was pretty good until he got arrested for giving his boyfriend a black eye in South Beach. I think he thinks he is the best and that may make him a little douchey. Another anchor and reporter with a mug shot anchoring the news in LA. Welcome to the big club Rob.

  6. Let LA have him. He’s too arrogant for my taste.

    Not surprised to hear he gave his b/f a black eye. The b/f probably said to him “You aren’t all that”

  7. he’s a friend of mine — he’s not gay and he’s def not arrogant, you two clueless morons need a life

  8. He started anchoring on KCAL9 in LA. He’s boring. Not a great anchor and not a great reporter. But, that’s LA these days. We pick up the random Miami newsreaders and put them on TV here. You don’t need much in your head to report the news in Los Angeles.

    • LANewsgirl: There is already enough bashing going around against Californians. We don’t need the locals to be doing it. Bashing is done by those who harbor jealousy. And, I see you bashed a local newscaster. .

  9. I watched Rob Schmitt every night he was on and kept in touch with him by e-mail. Where do you get these false stories about him punching a b/f. It appears he works for KCBS if above link is correct. You will love him. He is a great persom who loves night clubs, golf, tennis and boating. Best looking news host in America so maybe you are jealous?

  10. I, for one, will miss Rob Schmidt. I thoughts he was a fine anchor and a good reporter. I will miss him.

    It seems that for some reason ABC News favors African American newscaster. My impression is that they are looking for another Dwight Lauderdale and will not give up until they find one

  11. I live in Los Angeles and was delighted to find a new face on KCBS/KCAL news. And what a face! I’ve never seen anybody so handsome in my life. I guess that is our luck down here at the expense of the viewers wherever Rob was previously. I looked him up on the internet to see if I could find a picture and found this website. I am confused by reading the above postings. One says he was on the news in Northern California, but another says he is from Southern Florida. One person accuses him of “womanizing”, yet another says he punched his boyfriend. I guess “don’t believe everything you read” is true

  12. Rob Schmitt our Miami favorite now hosts news at KCAL 9 Los Angeles at 8pm and 10pm. Sone of his reporting online using a search engine for Rob Schmitt or KCAL9 Los Angeles

  13. I’m in Law Enforcement and I periodically come in contact with reporters in Los Angeles, so I try and stay informed with all the event’s that happen in my proximity. Rob reports with sincerity and passion! It’s a pleasure to watch him as he reports the different events that occur throughout Southern California.. He is a great addition to our news anchor’s here in L.A…