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WSVN Expands Morning News; Drops Regis and Kelly


WSVN are expanding ‘7News Today in Florida’ by an hour, until 10am. Last year parent company Sunbeam Television informed Buena Vista they will not be renewing their syndication rights to air ‘Live With Regis and Kelly’ for both WHDH and WSVN. WHDH announced last year they will replace ‘Live’ with news from 9am to 10am starting in September 2011 and now WSVN is doing the same. That will make ‘Today in Florida’ 5 hours long!

When word came out last year that WHDH would drop ‘Live’ after 23 years, General Manager Chris Wayland told The Boston Globe ratings for the program and across daytime have diminished so they decided another hour of news for people who didn’t watch the earlier newscasts would be better. Contrast that with the recent trend among many stations to start newscasts earlier, at 4:3am and even 4am, WSVN newscasts start at 5am.

WPLG are picking up ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ and the move will be effective August 22, 2011.

With that WSVN will now have 10 and a half hours of news every weekday, not counting ‘Deco Drive’, for a total of 52 and a half hours of news on weekdays and 60 and a half hours of news weekly not counting Deco and Sports Xtra.


  1. WSVN should just drop the pretense and become an all-news station 🙂 (interrupting only for MLB, NFL and American Idol LOL)

  2. What’s next for 7? 7 News at Noon on Saturday and Sunday, even pre-empt the Fox NFL Sunday Pregame Show. Needless to say, I can’t watch it anymore, now that Jillian’s gone permanently.

  3. 430am news is around the corner. Sucks for the morning staff since they probably won’t be beefing up the staffing. Those are going to be an exhausted group of underpaid people!

  4. Ch.7 sucks! I’m tired of the news hype and inaccurate info. They should become an independent station like WJXT and allow channel 33 become a fox O & O.

    • I don’t think that will ever happen. Ch. 4 owns Ch. 33. Ch. 39 is owned by Tribune, and that might work out with Fox, but in all reality, I don’t think there will ever be a Fox O&O in Miami, but yes we could use a Fox O&O.

      BTW, I also don’t like news hype, and you know what, WPBF became that format in 2009. They’ve been pre-empting Wheel and J! for reasons I can’t understand.

      • Also, consider this, Fox, IMO, has an annoying habit of leading it viewers astray, so WSVN being anti-Fox may not be such a bad thing after all.

      • With the SunSentinel doing so bad, and Tribune about to be forced to divest assets I think in the near future we might see the market shaken and stired especially with FOX’s demands for affiliate stations to pay them $0.50 per month per cable/sat subscriber in 3 years

  5. Channel 7, you are a joke. You fill your news with gossip, Glee, and American Idol nonsense. Nothing is as pathetic as watching middle aged newscasters trying to act all trendy.

    5 hours worth of 30 minutes of actual news. All you do all morning is replay the same stories over and over and over again… why not do it for another hour?!? Brilliant move.

    Ironic you cancelled the show you and your Louis Aguirre made such a big deal about guest hosting.

    By the way, Deco Drive is horrible. What you call trendy, we laugh at. If some celebrity farts in a restaurant, you call it “the place to be”…


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