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WSVN Sends Crew to Cover Royal Wedding


WSVN has been running a promo for a few weeks now that they’re “the only local station” sending a crew to cover the royal wedding in the UK. It appears they really are the only local station (South Florida anyway) who will have their own crews on scene the rest of stations will be using the mother networks to cover the hype.

WSVN sister station in Boston WHDH are also going to have their own team in Britain as well.


  1. WSVN must have money to burn. No real local connection to justify coverage of this wedding. FOX will have it wall to wall but, what the heck! Let’s send a local crew to copy what ever the network does, just not as good.

    I like WSVN but they need to remember why they are number one! It’s not for international news coverage! It’s for local news coverage!

    This is nothing more than a colossal waste of money and a free vacation for the crew who probably have orders to bring back lots of wedding souvenirs for the WSVN news managers left behind!

  2. Plenty of money to travel but not enough money to give employees a decent raise. It’s pretty clear that management is showing it’s age by covering this event.

  3. Fox is covering the costs. There is no reason to have them there. 78 percent of Americans could care less about the royal wedding. waste of time.

  4. Yeah, it’s pointless. Why send a local crew when the network can takeover and feed everything. I’ll be watching the coverage on TODAY show on NBC.


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