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Amara Sohn Leaves WTVJ for Chicago

Amara Sohn Photo: nbcmiami.com

WTVJ anchor/reporter Amara Sohn had her last day on the air at WTVJ last Thursday anchored her last NBC 6 newscast this weekend. Sohn, who married in April this year in Austria, is moving to Chicago with her husband. She joined WTVJ 7 years ago in 2005


  1. Agree J. my family and I was just talking about that. The good talents are leaving. I’m so tired of watching Jackie Nespral and poor Adam he should leave too. The 5pm teaser today was awful they both looked lost. EMBARASSING!!! Trina should be moved to main anchor instead of backseat anchor and bring in a new face with Trina. I watch Laurie & Calvin, Elliot & Shannon top stations. I can’t stand WTVJ crappy news. They have yet to find a co-anchor with Pam and reason why adam got the seat was they could not find no else to anchor with Jackie. Amara was great at WTVJ and so sad she was not promoted. They should bring back a familiar face and a legend that will boost ratings and who has more years in her is KELLY CRAIG!!!

  2. I wish WTVJ would rehire Kelly Craig as co-anchor of the 5PM, 6PM & 11PM news. I don’t know if WTVJ would want to rehire Joel Connable either. Both were very good… and I’m sure both could and would give WTVJ a ratings boost.

    True, WTVJ viewers wish to see Jackie Nespral gone… it seems that NBC insists on keeping Nespral as WTVJ’s “eye candy”.

    Last Friday, Sue Simmons anchored her last newscast at WNBC New York. March 7th was when NBC made the shocking announcement that Simmons’ contract wouldn’t be getting renewed… which still isn’t sitting well with a lot of WNBC viewers. The smart decision would have been NBC keeping Sue Simmons, and allowing her to retire when she felt the time was right… instead of forcing her out, like they did. There have been the rumors and rumblings of WNBC picking Noon & 5PM anchor Shiba Russell, who isn’t very familiar with NYC TV viewers… and Russell co-anchors newscasts with former WTVJer Tom Llamas. NYC TV viewers are more familiar with morning anchor Darlene Rodriguez, and investigative-political reporter Melissa Russo.

    • True? We do not know what WTVJ viewers want, whether it’s Jackie or someone else.

      It’s possible that this market isn’t even interested in a 4th English language newscast, considering how few people are even tuning in to begin with

    • Forget the talent that left! Just move on and live in the present. If you don’t like it change the channel buddy.

  3. As for Amara Sohn leaving WTVJ for Chicago… I don’t know if NBC’s WMAQ is considering hiring her. It’s possible that she could be hired by CBS’ WBBM, ABC’s WLS, Tribune’s WGN, or Fox’s WFLD.

  4. They Need To Re-hire Kelly Craig & Nathalie Pozo & NBC 6 Morning Team Was Better With Nathalie Shiri Trina Roxy & Pam & Kelly Craig Is a Legend at NBC 6 NBC 6 Maid a Dum Decision By Layoff Her off 3 Years Ago ?

  5. Sue Simmons is a legend. She is a great anchor and very funny. I guess NBC New York is dumb too. I speak for the viewers its time for Jackie Nespral to leave! She has no connection with the viewers. We want Kelly back at the desk! Adam should make a wise choice and leave like Amara. Kelly and Joel would be great together. I have not seen Trina lately on the news hope they are not phasing her out.That woman has talent and potential. WTVJ is stupid we want more Trina and less Jackie. It’s painful to watch WTVJ these days.

    • Other than Sue being forced out… NBC forced out Len Berman (WNBC), Paul Moyer (KNBC), and Warren Saunders (WMAQ). WTVJ recently parted ways with Bob Mayer and Tony Segreto. WRC parted ways with Susan Kidd back in 2006, as well as parted ways with the late George Michael back in 2007. Some may be left speculating what will eventually become of Chuck Scarborough (WNBC) and Jim Vance (WRC). Chuck and Sue were considered a NYC TV news “dream team”… and hold the record as the nations longest-running local TV news anchor team.

      As for Trina… she’s a very likeable talent too. I could picture her and Pam Giganti co-anchoring morning news. Sharon Lawson is another good WTVJ talent. Other than the strong dislike for Jackie Nespral… there was that strong dislike for former WTVJ GM Ardyth Diercks. IMO, Diercks pretty much stunk up the joint.

  6. Amara was sick and tired of management at NBC6. The new news director didn’t want her to anchor and didn’t like her that much so Amara picked up and left. As for Brent Soloman, he went to Tampa as a part time reporter. Joel Connable and Kelly should anchor together. They were great at NBC. Kelly was the comedian and Joel was the king of breaking news. I have never seen an anchor in Miami do so well when news broke and there was no prompter. As a director in the control room, I know good anchors when I see them and there are not many in Miami. NBC just settled Joel’s contract out of court, so they probably won’t hire him again and I don’t think he would ever go back. I just heard him on the radio and he’s traveling and doing very well with his company. I just read an article in an LA newspaper where they interviewed him and he has been brought into Fox News as a travel expert. I would love to see Joel and Kelly together but NBC6 has turned into a local station where they can’t cover lcoal news at all. jackie looks lost all the time and Adam is just out of place. He looks sick. Ill, I mean. Jackie will never get fired becasue the news director is Cuban and Jackie will sue them for discrimination if they fire her. She will run out on her last contract and Roxanne Vargas will takeover at night with Adam.

    • Uh, no… Amara just got married a few weeks ago. Her husband is relocating to Chicago. That is why she is leaving, plain and simple.
      And I agree about all the comments regarding the morning show that others have made here. Bring back watchable talent! I can’t watch at all any mornings anymore, not that they moved that horrible Donna Rapado to AM. Especially on weekends, she is atrocious as an anchor! Julia Bagg is not bad though. Honestly, I would LOVE to see Kelly back… who wouldn’t!

    • For now as long as WTVJ can afford to keep Jackie on the air she will stay is my guess. Once they reach the cap for raises with her I’m sure she will be gone like the rest.

      Please don’t mention Roxy as a main anchor (what a nightmare that would be) Imagine Roxy giving us breaking news with her karate chops and all, Adam would have to stand back. That would be funny.

  7. It looks like to me that Jackie is in a race when she is reading the news. She talks way to fast.
    Amara; It looked like to me that they screwed with her to much. Kept moving her around too much. Our loss is Chicago’s gain.
    They need to bring Kelly back
    Dump Jackie.

  8. I used to live in LA and by far KNBC is the better NBC station of all of the O&Os. But the best station in LA news is KABC. Comcast better stop the big hole that GE created at the NBC Universal division and they better do it soon.

    • Comcast needs to stop worrying about buying a network and concentrate on providing better voice phone service (Infinity voice SUCKS!!) Of course, the competition (A Terrible (&) Telephone company) isn’t much better. Think I’ll resort to tin cans tied together with a string. 🙂

    • I agree about Comcast needing to stop the big hole that GE created.

      NBC used to be such a great TV network… then saw tough times during the late ’70s and early ’80s… the late Brandon Tartikoff giving the iconic TV network a major turn-around, which lasted well into the late ’90s and early ’00s. Jack Welsh was very good as CEO at GE, before leaving that position a little over 10 years ago. In recent years, we’ve witnessed history repeating itself at NBC. It took years for GE to create the mess… it may take years for Comcast to clean up the mess.

  9. I agree, Jackie should be shown the door. She is so fake and seems out of touch, especially when she seems to get excited about the Miami Heat. I think it’s extra funny (or sad) when they send her onsite during the NBA finals.

    I love listening to Kelly Craig on 105.9 with Paul and Ron; wish they would axe Jackie and replace her with Kelly

  10. I will miss Amara. Pleasant and professional delivery, easy on the eyes. She’s destined for bigger and better. Jackie Nespral gave up bigger and better, and I’m glad of it. She’s a South Florida original, and I hope she continues for many more years.


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