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Ardyth Diercks, WTVJ President and General Manager, No Longer With the Station


WTVJ President and General Manager Ardyth Diercks appears to have parted ways with NBC completely. Her profile has been wiped out from NBC’s corporate website and WTVJ is advertising a job opening for a general manager. Her bio is still on NBCMiami.com however.

Ardyth Diercks arrived at WTVJ in 2003 from Gannett’s WUSA in Washington DC, to take the reins from Don Browne who moved on to Telemundo as COO.


  1. FINALLY!!! Hopefully the big wigs at Comcast will hire someone who will return NBC6 to it’s hey days!

    I know you’ve read this before…but wouldn’t it be great if they brought back talented anchors back to their news desk like Joel Connable, Kelly Craig, Tony Segreto & Bill Mayer.

    Listen to your ex-viewers (like me) NBC!

  2. That woman needed to get boot! Now maybe they can hire good looking talent since Ardy refused to hire anyone she percieved a threat. She is so full of herself its sickening. Good riddens!!

  3. Best of luck Ardy! You were a lovely woman who made an effort every day to get to know your coworkers. Not a lot of GM’s would walk through the newsroom and inquire about the lives of her employees. You are a strong leader and I wish you the best as you move forward with your life.

  4. If you haven’t noticed, Comcast has been getting rid of all the people who ran the the ship aground for the past decade. If you have been at tvj for awhile, it might be time to dust off the resume…

    • I have to agree. I used to watch Jackie in the 90s when she hosted Weekend Today, she wasn’t a great host, but frankly, she was kinda hot 🙂
      Now, her former hotness is gone, and she still isn’t a good host. Time to go, Jackie.

  5. I take it that NBC is cleaning house at WTVJ, with the departure of GM Ardyth Diercks… many are wanting Jackie Nespral gone too.

    Kelly Craig, Julia Yarbough, and Joel Connable were well liked on WTVJ… we don’t know if NBC would consider rehiring them or not.

    I could also picture WTVJ adopting the “Action News” branding on its newscasts… as well as WTVJ getting a new investigative unit on the newscasts, with the “I-Team” branding.


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