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Exclusive: WPEC Sports Director to Retire

Pat Murphy Photo: CBS12.com

We’ve learned that long-time WPEC sports director Pat Murphy is retiring and leaving the TV biz this summer. From what we hear he and his wife are moving out of state in August so she can pursue a career opportunity in Texas.

Pat Murphy joined WPEC 17 years ago in 1995 from WPTV where he spent 12 years as that stations sports director.


  1. Well, that may be true that his contract is not being renewed but he is leaving TV business for good and retiring from it.

  2. ahhh the ol’ “I’m retiring and it’s my choice” lie. Just like the one Chandra Bill was able to tell when ch 5 bosses told her they were about to show her the door.

    • From what I understand John Matthews is on a 3 year extension from about a year ago. So he will stay put for the time being. I also think he is likely to renew a new contract at the end and take a pay cut. I believe he enjoys his job and wants to continue to do it for a bit longer.

  3. It’s very unfortunate that Ch. 12 got sold to SBG along with the other Freedom owned stations. Am I the only one who thinks that Ch. 12 has become such a mess lately?

    • You’re not the only one. I think it started way before “lately”, though. Channel 12 has had problems at anchor for decades. Curt Fonger, for example. By all accounts he’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. If the ratings since his ouster are any indication, viewers tuned in on the strength of that alone. But as an anchor, he was DREADFUL! He consistently mispronounced words. Misplaced emphasis on syllables, as well as entire words in the context of a sentences. He had an artificially deep vocal fry and mannerisms that often came off as quirky on camera. In my opinion the reason he got the permanent 6 pm slot in the first place was his ability to play a non-threatening second fiddle to Liz Quirantes, who surely was promised Chandra Bill’s role in the “female lead anchor” experiment. Liz is probably the one who chose him over Bob Nichols, whose professionalism and 30 years of experience may have intimidated her. I’ve actually been around long enough to remember when weatherman John Matthews was news anchor. He wasn’t that good, but with the possible exception of Bob, I don’t remember a solitary standout since. But hey, I always thought 5’s Jim Sackett was a twerp too.


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