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New WSVN Reporter Alexa Helms

WSVN 7News
Alexa Helms Photo: WSVN.com

Alexa Helms, a new WSVN reporter has joined the Team 7 ranks. She started this month and comes from KTSP, the NBC affiliate in El Paso, TX where she reported and anchored on weekends.



  1. a very nice addition to the wsvn lineup. She is intelligent and a looker……she has my attention……………

  2. I dont live in SF any more but does WSVN have some beauty (pageant) tests before they hire their reporters who most look like models. Its close to Univision where the female anchors are dressed up as if theyre going to a formal Saturday night gala

  3. Welcome to the news station in town where you will work 18 hours a day, do three or four stories and only get paid minimum wage. I think most WVN reporters make less than 50 thousand a year. That’s lame compared to major markets like Los Angeles where they make 120 plus.

  4. You are right. LA is DMA 2 but these reporters flock here like Miami i such a great news market. It is awful. Some of the worst news in the country.

  5. TV Lover,

    The average reporter at WSVN comes in at between 60-70K.
    They also have some veteran reporters making over 100K.

    Thats about average fo the market.

    As the other poster noted, Miami is only a top 20. It shouldnt pay like a top 10 market.


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