WFOR CBS4 Debuts Mobile Weather Lab

WFOR CBS4 Debuts Mobile Weather Lab


WFOR CBS4 have launched a mobile weather lab. The station has been promoting this thing but I as of Friday it’s official. It’s a tricked out Subaru Outback sponsored by a local car dealer filled with gadgetry like a large screen and a sensor station mounted on the roof that can measure wind speed, temperature, humidity, air pressure and rain fall.

WTVJ launched their “Hurricane Hummer” way back in 2005, tricked out with technology, that was supposed to make an appearance during hurricane coverage but viewers barely saw any of it.

After the jump video of the introduction by WFOR meteorologist Craig Setzer



  1. WCBS-TV has one of those, too, which I saw whenever DirecTV simulcast their coverage of Sandy. Do any other CBS O&Os have mobile weather labs?

  2. Kind of funny. They are going to raise that hatch back in bad weather to see that wide screen monitor? Can it go live all by itself or do you still need a live truck and camera jockey to do that?

    Setzer is hands down the best meteorologist that place has. I still don’t understand why he isn’t the lead weather person instead of any of the others they have now. I guess this will give him more face time.

    This gimmick won’t last. A silly promo trade-out toy that won’t do anything more than give the same info they’d get by sitting in the studio and, without a doubt fail after a few nights of true bad weather.

  3. A station wagon with a tv……WOW!!!!!

    just don’t drive into any deep puddles with that baby, they were better off with that fugly purple hummer.

    all that crap and it’s no better than a weather app, but nobody cares. WFOR sales dept is only interest in getting some free car from a local dealer and parading it around disguised as a community event.

    2 years from now WFOR will have the “Real Time Weather Fiat 500” and Craig Setzer and his crew will tell how awesome it is cause it has a microwave in it…….donated by Brandsmart and Senior Stereo