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WPLG Reporter Bob Norman Avoids Tresspass Charges

Bob Norman Photo: Local10.com

WPLG investigative reporter Bob Norman allegedly violated Florida tresspassing statue entering a farm in Parkland without permission. Norman was doing investigative work on the farm which is the subject of a lawsuit. The Herald reports Norman was notified by State Attorney Michael Satz in the Broward SA office that they won’t be pursuing him on tresspassing charges even though there was a violation. Bob Norman joined WPLG in April 2011 after 14 years at the Broward-Palm Beach New Times


  1. Norman kicks butt. So what if he walked on some dude’s property? Reporters do that everyday and they never get charged. Satz probably hates him because Norman has nailed his office to the wall a thousand times. If it was some other nobody TV reporter, it would of been a non-issue.

  2. I really like what is going on with Bob Norman. Really appreciate his investigative reporting, and really puts the rest of South Florida to shame.

  3. Investigative reporting. Is that what you call it? Norman fabercates stories to further his agenda and make himself feel important. I cant believe this worthless piece of crap even has a job.

  4. notafan, is clearly an inbred hick .. who cant spell ..Robert you have been my hero for 25 years…Keep up the great work!

  5. Your *hero* breaks the law when he trespasses. Wait until I come to your home with my camera and let’s see how you feel about it.I don’t care how you perceive his ability to help people–it’s irrelevant. We either have rules that he obeys or not. He’s not law enforcement. He’s not invited. He’s not legal!


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