WPLG Sending Crew to Cuba for Pope Visit

WPLG Sending Crew to Cuba for Pope Visit


WPLG are sending Jen Herrera and Calvin Hughes to Cuba to cover the Pope’s visit to the island nation at the end of March this year. According to a post on their site WPLG have been working for months to secure visas and permission for their crew to travel and also mention that most other TV stations from South Florida were refused


  1. WPLG’s VP of News spent MONTHS working this out. He was in endless meetings and conference calls to make this happen. Good for them.

    No. No other station is going because everyone was refused a visa by the Cuban government. WSVN even tried to credential crews through WHDH in Boston with no success.

  2. There is no reason for any other station to send crews to Cuba. Every network will have crews there live. i work at NBC and the namagers said we will sue the network crews, while WPLG send two people who know nothing about Cuba and bring nothing to the table when it comes to Cuba coverage. Just going there means nothing and no one really cares. WPLG is desperate. This is why WSVN and NBC6 lead in the ratings.

  3. We can’t see who leads in the ratings because unlike every other market Miami / Fort Lauderdale does not show there ratings. WHY is this??

  4. NBC6 leads and is number one during all day parts. The morning news, 6pm and 11pm all beat every other station. We get Nielsen reports every morning and they show that WSVN and Channel 10 have much fewer viewers than NBC6. NBC6 has dominated the market for many years. It is becasue we have the most experienced reporters and anchors and the most experienced weather people. John Morales is a scientist and legend in this market.

  5. yeah NBC 6 is leading and I’am taking over for Barbra Walters on the View!!! LOL If you see these so called numbers show us all PLEASE so we can all be informed

  6. I woulld love to check the numbers. Can you please tell us all werewe can check the numbers for ourselves????? So who is 1, 2,and 3 ????

  7. nbc sux. I like how anybody who claims to have seen the numbers posts a comment, but then NEVER ponies up the proof.

  8. NBC6 is not number 1 in the ratings but there ratings are starting to increase slowly. They have had a lot of changes recently with new management. They may not be number 1 yet, but they will be soon!

  9. I can’t believe someone actually wrote that NBC 6 is #1 with a straight face. What a joke. We all work hard but numbers don’t lie. Only a delusional tvj’r would post such a lie.