WPLG’s Jacey Birch Promoted to Reporter

WPLG’s Jacey Birch Promoted to Reporter


hearing that as of Monday WPLG traffic reporter Jacey Birch is switching to a general assignment reporter and that Constance Jones will be taking over as morning traffic reporter.


  1. Wasn’t she a weathercaster at one point and then demoted to traffic? Is this a promotion or a demotion? Wasn’t Constance Jones a reporter? Is she being demoted to traffic since Jacey is being promoted to reporter?

    I’m so confused..

  2. This is strange, but I doubt Constance is complaining. She is no longer stuck having to run around chasing stories — just chill out in the air conditioned studio saying almost the same thing every morning on a Monday-Friday schedule…not bad but is it really a demotion???

  3. Traffic anchor is a demotion. It is the lowest onair position at a station.
    Usually reserved for rookie bimbos.
    Some stations have vets who do it..but it is considered a fluff job… even though traffic is important.

  4. she did do weather a few years ago, but it seems WPLG went with an all meteorologist team and reassigned her to traffic and mid-day anchoring.

    I think this is a good move for her. a waste of her talents to stick her with traffic.

    will she stay on as an anchor during the mid-day news?

  5. Jacey is still doing the mid-day anchoring and reporting from 5-6pm. Its a good move and I’m happy for her. She is very beautiful with a nice personality. Although I will miss her doing traffic, now I can sleep better which is good.

  6. I think that if you asked a bunch of reporters, many of them would prefer traffic over the general assignment stuff. Much less stress. I also find this odd as a demotion for Jones because she’s been anchoring on the weekends while she pitches to veteran anchors on the streets doing crappy assignments.

  7. All the research I have done shows that the on air talent, or news anchors, have had to work their way up to that position. This is definitely a demotion for Ms. Birch. Her tweets were not very professional.

  8. Funny. Her FB page under employment says: “used to work at WPLG.”. Looks like a demotion. I have only seen her on air in the field once; last Saturday.

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