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WPTV Getting New News Set


It only took 12 years but WPTV’s news set is tore down and about to be replaced with something new and shiny. WPTV anchor Jon Shainman posted this photo on his Facebook page showing the anchor desk gone. The newscasts will broadcast from a temporary place until the new stuff is done.



  1. @TMBtD – I agree. WTVJ news set is long overdue for a makeover.

    I’ve noticed that Clickspring has been designing nice looking news sets for other NBC O&O stations… I’m hoping that WTVJ’s next set will be by Clickspring. I’m guessing WTVJ will likely get the new NBC O&O graphics… and maybe the “NBC O&O Package” music by 360 Music, and retiring “NBC Collection” music by Gari.

  2. It’s about time. The other nearby NBC stations could use this as well. Both neighboring WTVJ and WESH need new sets and haven’t had new ones since early 2000s.

  3. WFLA Tampa Bay has had its current set since 2000… with backdrop alteration made in 2007, when WFLA began HD news… and they need a new set too.

  4. Several other U.S. TV stations needing new news sets (outside of Florida)…

    Gannett’s WXIA Atlanta and WUSA DC
    CBS’ WJZ Baltimore
    Allbritton’s WJLA DC


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