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At WTVJ, ‘News Never Stops’ Either (With Video)

WTVJ NBC6 South Florida

WSVN made waves in early 2008 with their edgy ‘News never stops’ image campaign, set to the tune of a hip-hop song and 30 seconds of news footage. Now, WTVJ’s latest station image promo carries the same title, and (not to spoil it) ends with the same “News never stops, and neither do we” slogan WSVN used back then. See the video below:

An otherwise extremely well shot promo, with a nice edge to it.

WHDH’s version:

What do you think?


  1. Scott Chapin is heard on WSVN… Charlie Van Dyke is heard on WTVJ… Suzy Nelson is heard on WPLG.

    As for WFOR’s voice-over… I could see CBS-4 opting for Paul Turner (heard on KYW Philly, and was previously heard on WFOR between 1995 and 1999)… or Bob Tracey (heard on WXIA Atlanta, and several other stations).

  2. On this topic… WTVJ still has to prove itself as a worthy and vaible local news station. WTVJ recovering from years of ratings decline and station mismanagement is a process that’ll most likely take years.


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