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Have $2500? Co-Host NBC 6 In The Mix With Roxanne Vargas

WTVJ NBC6 South Florida

WTVJ NBC 6 In The Mix Groupon DealHave $2,500 and want to be on TV? Now you can spend it to get local TV, and be a co-host on NBC 6 in the Mix with Roxanne Vargas.

Groupon, the once hot deal-of-the-day site, just launched a ‘Celebrity Epic Deal’ series in Miami where anyone can plunk down a chunk of their own money for the chance to hang out with a local celeb. One of the first deals for the Miami area lets you be a co-host of WTVJ’s ‘6 in the Mix’ for $2500. The deal includes guest-reporting a 3-minute segment set to air on the day of co-hosting the show. After that the person would join Roxy and the 6 in the Mix crew to do prep and “undergo styling sessions” before hitting the air. But hurry up, the offer expires August 12.

You can also opt for the other deal, $2500 to jump out of an airplane with former Miami housewife Karent Sierra


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